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Reading thrillers teaches us about ourselves and where we fit on the hero continuum. It motivates us to be our best selves, love our communities and families, and defend our most cherished ideals. James Patterson is a best-selling American author who specialises in thrillers, mysteries, and crime fiction. Short chapters, a solid narrative, rapid pacing, and more twists and turns than you can poke a stick at are typical of the James Patterson model that makes his work lovable. Lindsay Boxer, a San Francisco police inspector, has succeeded in her profession for six years, but she encounters new hurdles when she becomes ill and is assigned to a difficult case. She creates an association with other women who comprehend what it’s like to operate in a male-dominated sector, including Claire Washburn and Cindy Thomas, her pals. They’ll encounter Jill Bernhardt (a fiery assistant district attorney) and Chris Raleigh (Lindsay’s new partner) along the way. 

Lindsay Boxer has Negli’s anemia, an uncommon kind of anemia. Because of this diagnosis, she feels vulnerable and weak, and she is unable to handle a murder scene at a fancy hotel as effectively as she would have wanted. Lindsay considers how youthful and optimistic the female victim seemed to be before being slain by someone else because she was in her wedding gown when she was murdered. 

Lindsay and Chris are notified right away that they will collaborate on their inquiry. Lindsay gets demoted from lead to second on the case since she is not a competent mediator like Chris. However, as they investigate together, she discovers that he’s a fantastic officer who merely wants to locate the killer. Cindy Thomas arrives at the crime site in Napa Valley. On their journey back from Napa to San Francisco, she and Lindsay discuss the matter. They also find they have a lot of similarities, so Cindy offers herself over for supper with Lindsay and her wife Claire Washburn, who is a medical examiner. Claire as an M.E, Cindy as a reporter, her cameraman husband Brian Speck (out of his ties with local police officials), and Lindsay as an investigator decide to work together on the case. 

Name 1st to Die
AuthorJames Patterson

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1st to Die by James Patterson Pdf Download

Lindsay and Raleigh return to Napa Valley the next day. They travel to the vineyard, where they discover Nathan Lee and his wife’s bodies. Claire travels from San Francisco to meet with a coroner acquaintance who has inspected the remains. She is concerned about what she witnessed, but she realizes that Lindsay must concentrate on solving this case. 

Lindsay and Raleigh are still looking into both incidents. They speak with a Saks cashier who observed the suspect in one of the bride’s outfits, which led them to another witness who spoke with a guy dressed similarly during Brandt’s wedding. When two additional couples are found slain, the case appears to be solved. 

Lindsay and Raleigh travel to Cleveland, where they discover that Kathy and James were slain during their wedding celebration. The surveillance videos show a partial image of the suspected murderer, but there is insufficient information to establish a precise identification. According to family relatives, this individual was abusive to Kathy for the majority of her life, but she had recently resumed seeing him again before her death. This individual is shown to be Nicholas Jenks, a well-known San Francisco novelist. Lindsay and Raleigh begin their inquiry by questioning everyone in his life, from his publisher to his divorced wife. 

1st to Die Full Book Pdf Download by James Patterson

Jenks says he has been put up after being detained. Lindsay feels he’s correct the further she thinks about it. Lindsay begins to accuse Joanna Wade, Jenks’ ex-wife, of the murder. Lindsay rushes to Joanna’s house to look for Jenks after he escapes police custody, but she finds her dead. Raleigh pursues someone who was observed leaving Joanna’s building disguised as Jenks. Lindsay realizes Raleigh has been shot as she catches up with him. Lindsay also observes Jenks arguing with his current wife. Lindsay accidentally shoots her wife while attempting to shoot Jenks. Lindsay returns to Raleigh after his death. Lindsay suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after Raleigh’s death, despite the reality that her Negli’s has improved after therapy and she will live. Jenks breaks in on Lindsay one day after everything has calmed down and admits to being the mastermind of all the killings. Jenks attempts to assassinate Lindsay, but she reverses the scene. 

Patterson researches well. He did a wonderful job of describing Neglis and the arduous therapy that certain chronic diseases require. Patterson’s writing was clean, and he immediately drew us into the story and endeared us to the character in the first few pages. The foreshadowing and setups are vivid. 

1st to Die is the start of a blazingly fast-paced and sensationally fascinating new series of criminal thrillers, full of the astounding drama and memorable emotions for which James Patterson is famous.

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