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Blanka Lipinska is a best-selling novelist all over the world. Her 365 Days trilogy has been translated into thirty languages and has sold over two million copies all over the world. She’s an author by choice rather than necessity, and she writes for pleasure rather than profit.

Blanka Lipiska’s 365 Days is based on a series of Polish-language novels. The series is commonly referred to as Poland’s 50 Shades of Grey because of its BDSM-laced sex scenes and glowering billionaire romantic hero. 365 Days and  That Day were the first two novels to be released in 2018. Another 365 Days, the third and final book, was published in 2019.

The term 365 Days comes from the story’s concept. Laura survives the end of 365 days, according to the books. Laura has two more volumes of lunacy to get through. The author  E.L.. The second and the third book opens up the twists to the reader’s Download “365 Days” pdf !

Laura celebrates her 29th birthday by taking a trip to Sicily with her boyfriend and two other pals. She is satisfied with her partner Martin, despite the fact that their relationship lacks the intensity she desires and she is a sex addict. Download “365 Days” pdf !

Martin not paying her enough attention because he works too much turns out to be a dealbreaker for Laura; on her birthday, she has had enough and storms off enraged, only to be abducted. She is kidnapped on the second day of their journey. Her captor is none other than the stunningly gorgeous, youthful Don Massimo Torricelli, the leader of a prominent Sicilian criminal family, who is hell-bent on possessing her at any cost. Massimo has his justifications. During a previous assassination attempt, he saw a vision of a lovely woman who looked exactly like Laura. He resolves to find the lady in his vision and make her his own after surviving the attack. Whatever the case may be.

Name 365 Days
AuthorBlanka Lipinska
PublisherSimon & Schuster UK

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365 Days by Blanka Lipinska Pdf Download

Massimo will hold Laura imprisoned in his luxurious mansion for a year in order to win her heart. He will let her go if she does not fall in love with him during this period. He will chase her down and kill her entire family if she attempts to flee at any moment. Laura quickly is enamored with her attractive and strong captor. Forces beyond their control threaten to rip them apart as they create an unstable, hazardous connection. Download “365 Days” pdf .

Laura and Don Massimo were a stormy couple. It reminded the reader of those dramatic 80s soap opera romances when the heroine swings from raging at the guy and smacking his face to being utterly turned on. Laura and Massimo were just like that, right down to the champagne drinking, spa days, and fashion above substance. It seemed to fit with the mafia environment he was immersed in. Readers, on the other hand, wanted to see more of a genuine connection between them, not just flashes of genuine feeling amid Laura’s theatrics and Massimo’s high-handed methods.

The novel was set in a variety of intriguing European places. The background descriptions were excellent, providing a vivid image of the surroundings as well as some of the local cuisine and customs.

365 Days by Blanka Lipinska full Book Pdf Download

Laura isn’t the kind of woman who is powerful, independent, or intelligent. She’s the kind of heroine that makes big progress in terms of her position and how the hero treats her, just to backtrack 6000 steps and lose her backbone.

Laura is the author’s self-insert for the following reasons: Around the middle of the novel, the heroine’s appearance changes abruptly: she decides to change her haircut and hair color without explanation: a short blond bob, which is identical to the author’s appearance, and she even appears on the cover of the sequel to Massimo and Laura. Download “365 Days” pdf !

Laura is undecided about whether she should fight her kidnapper, attempting to flee his several estates while traveling around Europe, or play along and enjoy Massimo’s opulence while she can. Laura, on the other hand, is surprised to see a gentler side to him now and then. Enough to make her question whether, after all, they could have a hot relationship. Massimo’s risky life puts them both in danger on a regular basis, making it difficult for the two to figure out if they can actually make things work between them. Laura survives the assassination attempt and goes on with her (maybe ill-advised) aim of marrying Massimo and starting a family. Laura’s decision-making is questioned even in the book synopsis.

The works by Lipiska are all set within a few months of each other. Exactly where 365 Days left off, That day takes up. 365 Days was a lavish and theatrical romantic romance that whisked readers away from the mafia’s frightening world to a passionate love that began with an abduction. Download “365 Days” pdf .


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