A Tale of Two Cities Pdf Download By Charles Dickens

In several periods of Western literature, war, sacrifice, and death have all played important roles. Charles Dickens was influenced by Thomas Carlyle’s book, The French Revolution; A history since he was always interested in the relationship between individuals and society. He noticed parallels between the elements that sparked the Revolution and the persecution and instability that he witnessed in England at the time. His work too was influenced by the French Revolution. The French Revolution is despised by Charles Dickens, author of A Tale of Two Cities. He expresses his distaste for the Revolution and war.

Jarvis Lorry flies from London to Paris on a covert assignment for Tellson’s Bank in late 1775. Lucie Manette, a 17-year-old girl joins him on his adventure after learning that her dad, Doctor Alexandre Manette, is living and has recently been released after being secretly jailed in Paris for 18 years. When Lucie and Mr. Lorry arrive in Paris, they discover that the Doctor is being cared for by Ernest Defarge, the Doctor’s old servant. A Tale of Two Cities Pdf Download ,Defarge and his wife now manage a wine shop in Saint Antoine’s impoverished section. 

Lucie and Mr. Lorry are taken to the garret chamber where Defarg is holding Doctor Manette, and they are warned that the Doctor’s years behind bars have altered him profoundly. Doctor Manette, thin and pallid, sits at a shoemaker’s bench, carefully creating shoes. He hardly reacts to Defarge and Mr. Lorry’s questioning, but as Lucie approaches, he recalls his wife and sobs, Lucie and Mr. Lorry take him to England that night, and Lucie consoles him.

Jerry Cruncher, the Tellson’s Bank porter, delivers a message to Mr. Lorry, who is in a courthouse, five years later. Mr. Lorry has been invited to testify in the prosecution of Charles Darnay, a Frenchman who alleged spied for both France and the US. Lucie and Doctor Manette, both prosecution witnesses, are also present at the trial.  Doctor Manette has recovered completely and built a strong relationship with his daughter.

Name A Tale of Two Cities
AuthorCharles Dickens
PublisherPublic Domain Books

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A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Pdf Download

Darnay will face a terrible execution if found guilty of treason, and the evidence of an ally, John Barsad, and a previous servant, Roger Cly, seemed to guarantee a guilty conviction. Mr. Stryver, Darnay’s attorney, asks questions that lead to the conclusion that Cly and Barsad are the true spies, but Sydney Carton, Stryver’s assistant, points out that Carton and Darnay seem similar enough to be duplicated.  Following the trial, Stryver, Carton, and Darney began spending time at the Manette residence, clearly drawn to Lucie’s beauty and kindness.

Carton declares his love for Lucie but refuses to propose since he knows his inebriated and uncaring lifestyle is unworthy of her. Lucie is impressed by his honesty and commitment when he says he would happily sacrifice his life to rescue a person she cares about. Darnay’s love for Lucie eventually returns, and the two weds with Doctor Manette’s uncomfortable consent. While on honeymoon, the Doctor has a nine-day relapse of mental infirmity and believes he is back in jail producing shoes.

In the meantime, the condition is deteriorating. When Darnay’s harsh and callous uncle, the Marquis St. Evrémonde, is assassinated in his bed after running down a kid in the Paris streets with his carriage, there are signs of unrest. Darnay has forsaken any links to his harsh family and instead works as an instructor of French. literature and language in England, despite inheriting the title and estate. The explosion of the Bastille kicks off the revolution in great strength in July 1789. The Defarges are at the heart of the revolution, leading the masses in a spate of attacks and devastation.

A Tale of Two Cities Full Book Pdf Download By Charles Dickens

By 1792, the revolutionaries have gained control of France and are detaining and assassinating everyone they perceive to be a threat to the state. Darnay goes for France, feeling obligated to his servant and unaware of the peril that awaits him. When he arrives in Paris, however, revolutionaries take him “in secret” to La Force jail, where he has no method of contacting anybody and has little prospect of being tried.

Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities is considered a classic because it contains timeless teachings about fairness and sacrifice that may be applied to current society. The novel is interlaced with themes of justice, such as trials and legal systems. Ressurection, destiny, and concealment are all topics explored in this work. Dickens’ work illustrates his sociological viewpoint while also containing historical details about the French Revolution.

Dickins depicts the idea of resurrection in A Tale of Two Cities in a variety of ways, but the picture of Christ seen in Sydney Carton when he undergoes a drastic transformation and exhibits the highest form of love is perhaps the most powerful. Do have a wonderful read.

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