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In this story, a young man named Graham falls in love with a girl named Quinn but in order to get married they have to overcome many obstacles and they are also threatened that after 7 years of marriage, they will get married. People’s relations will be broken. Then that girl understands that getting married is not that easy and if the relationship is to be strengthened then those people have to fight with the opponents. The author of this story has presented this story in a very beautiful way, so that the time of the past and the time of the present tense of this story is combined.

Graham and Quinn both decide to marry each other and both prepare for the wedding with much fanfare. But when Quinn’s partner wakes up in the morning and checks the time on his phone, he starts getting too late because he has planned that he was supposed to get ready at 8:00 but when he wakes up in the morning it is at the same time 7  It is past 8:00 o’clock but he thinks that he has to reach around 8:00 so that he can arrange food and drink for the night and surprise the people. Together they made many plans for the wedding and were doing all the work together, then they formed a circle of friends and were talking that they have not eaten together in the house for a long time. And those people have got the good fortune of sitting together and eating food on this day.

When he walks out of the wedding ceremony and when he gets down through the lift, he suddenly stops because a man suddenly stands in front of him and looks at the door. Seeing this, he thinks that this unknown man will be gone in some time but that unknown man does not go but keeps running back and forth, seeing that he suspects that he is not Ethan’s friend. But he was not Ethan’s friend because he has seen Ethan’s friend many times. If he had been Ethan’s friend, he would have recognized him immediately.

Name All Your Perfects
AuthorColleen Hoover
PublisherSimon and Schuster

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All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover Pdf Download

When Graham starts going towards the apartment, he clears his mouth and throat there, after which the unknown person follows it, after which Graham starts going towards Ethan’s door so that the unknown person thinks that Graham is ahead. You need a way to go. The unknown man also understands Graham’s intention, after which he puts one of his steps to the side so that Graham can leave, but Graham wants to be very careful as he does not want to come in contact with the stranger. When Graham approaches the room, he has a key of a slightly different design to open the room so that he does the fishing, seeing that the unknown person walks next to him.

When Graham looks at that unknown person, that unknown person also reaches near Ethan’s door, then he asks Graham a question, seeing that Graham gets into thinking why this man is asking him questions. After this, many types of questions arise in Graham’s mind whether the man has come to stay at Ethan’s house or does this man know that Ethan is not at home?  After this, Graham starts clearing his throat again so that he cannot recognize the gesture of the unknown person, and in this way Graham tries to hide his fear.

All Your Perfects Full Book Pdf Download by Colleen Hoover

When Graham was in his youth, he took training in martial arts and self-defense. He practiced various types of karate action with his trainer and also learned different fighting skills. He had learned such a martial art in his training that if an attacker attacked him, he could injure that attacker by stabbing him directly in the eye. Graham now takes a deep breath and energizes himself completely but he thinks that if he is attacked, he will be there in a moment to immediately form an idea whatever the consequences for it.

A Beautiful Story Written by Colleen Hoover, You must have liked it because every single text written by her is very romantic and full of entertainment. Through this article, we have told briefly about the book All Your Perfects written by Colleen Hoover, if you want to read this book completely, then you can buy it from any platform online and after reading this book  can enjoy. The author of this book is also of a very romantic mood because when I was writing this article, I did research about the author and saw her in Instagram, she uploads romantic posts on Instagram and her style also looks very romantic. This is the reason why he has written most of the romantic stories in his life.

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