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In 1939, Agatha Christie wrote the best-selling mystery novel in the world. The story of 10 individuals who were enticed onto Soldier Island by a guy named U. N. Owen is told in And Then There Were None.

In this fantastic murder mystery by Agatha Christie , U.N. Owen cordially  invites ten strangers to stay on Soldier Island which is situated off the coast of England. A framed copy of the nursery rhyme “Ten Little Soldiers,” in which each of ten soldiers dies one by one, hangs in each of the guest bedrooms and the dining room; this rhyme turns out to be the framework for U.N. Owen’s deadly schemes. It quickly becomes evident that all of the island’s “visitors” were misled in various ways into visiting the island, and that whoever fooled them sought retribution for prior crimes committed by the guests. Download “And Then There Were None” pdf.

And Then There Were None is a refreshing read that any mystery novel enthusiast should read. It’s no surprise that the work has had such a long-lasting impact, even decades after its publication. The narrative is well-crafted, the finale is surprising, and major societal issues run through it all. It’s nothing short of a real treasure.

Name And Then There Were None
AuthorAgatha Christie
PublisherWilliam Morrow

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And Then There Were None Download Pdf

The plot is set in the 1930s and revolves around a wealthy, enigmatic guy who invites a number of strangers to stay at his house on a private island off the coast of Devon, England. A judge with a preoccupation with justice, a governess, a soldier, a doctor, a police inspector, a religious lady, a butler and his wife, a military general, and an attractive athlete are among the 10 strangers. Each invitee accepts his call, seeing the chance as a respite. All 10 people have one thing in common: they were invited to Soldier Island as a result of a past crime they committed. People begin to die one by one after they arrive, and it becomes evident that one of the ten strangers is a serial murderer.Download “And Then There Were None” pdf

The numerous visitors mingle, but things rapidly turn bad. Then, for the first time, a bizarre audiotape plays, accusing each of the guests of murder. Then the island is engulfed in a storm, trapping everyone on the island. Guests begin to come up dead one by one as a result of nefarious happenings. A crazed individual looks to be on the loose, and reasoning dictates that it must be a member of this little community. No one is feeling secure. As the evil man is focused on, accusations fly and emotions run wild.

The central theme of the narrative is based on the nursery song Ten Little Indians. The presence of ten military miniatures in the dining area foreshadows the characters’ demise. The whole of the plot revolves around the disappearance of a soldier figurine whenever the killer takes a life until there are none left. Blind accusations erupted in a couple of days, and peace pacts were formed, but the killer continued to kill and people died.

“And Then There Were None” provides an opportunity to delve further into the notions of sorrow and responsibility, as well as how individuals from all walks of life defend their ideals and actions. One could ponder what it means to carry out justice and who should be in charge of doing so. Or, how far are individuals ready to go to hide, forget, and remake their history if they are plagued by guilt? The characters’ personalities appear to be scarier at times than the main narrative. 

And Then There Were None Download full Pdf

The Characters are presented briefly enough that readers can recognize them, but as the novel proceeds and readers gain a deeper understanding of their minds and anxieties, the tension grows. One of the novel’s most disturbing characteristics is that there is no “good guy” here; all of the individuals appear to be equally culpable in several ways. This is a page-turning tale — albeit gruesome — that is worth reading for Christie’s creative building around the frightening nursery rhyme.

Agatha Christie has a knack for making you feel as if you’ve worked out everything ahead of time. She basically makes you feel like an expert for solving a murder mystery, then she absolutely blows your mind and makes you wonder how you are even eligible to play the game Clue.Download “And Then There Were None” pdf

The characters are the novel’s best feature. While many other readers of And Then There Were None expressed dissatisfaction with the large number of characters, which made it difficult to connect with them. However, I believe the contrary is true. Christie did an excellent job of distinguishing and developing each character with just the right amount of nuance. Furthermore, each character’s tremendous intricacy contributed to the book’s ability to keep the reader wondering until the last few pages.

The book is jam-packed with ideas to ponder. But, if it isn’t your preference, don’t worry! It’s just as much pleasure to get carried away by Christie’s imagination and then realize how “And Then There Were None” has shaped entertainment since its release.

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