Astitva Pdf Download By Sudha Murthy

Sudha has written several articles in which she highlights the realities of the society that she has encountered while traveling throughout the country and on several international vacations. Her writing is heartfelt, honest, and so real that the reader is moved and can sense the story’s aura all around them. “Astitva” is another example. According to Sudha Murthy, her home village was Dharwad, on the Karnataka-Maharashtra border, leading to her familiarity with the Marathi language. Furthermore, she spent 10 years of her life with her mom in Maharashtra. She has a soft spot in my heart for Zahra because she and Narayan Murti met here and married. Pune is a favorite of hers. They had gone around Pune at that time. 

She has included some sweet childhood recollections in the book out of her deep affection for Pune. Their ‘Infosys’ was also introduced in Pune by them. Her heart is overjoyed because I have my first Marathi book in Pune, which is beautifully illustrated in Marathi. Her Savuvhasha dialect is difficult to comprehend. As a result, her books have been written in Katrad. ‘Tumula’ was the name given to the first novel in existence in Kannada.  

The story revolves around the protagonist Mukesh Rao, who is the son of wealthy Raosaheb, and he and his wife live in London. At the same time as his wife faces an accident; he receives a letter about his father’s death. As a result, he embarks on a solo trip to India. His parents raised him to be a wonderful kid and human being. He laments the loss of his father and comforts his sister and mother. 

Name Astitva
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherMehta Publishing House Pune

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Astitva By Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

He discovers a piece of paper in an ancient casket after the ceremonies before the funeral, and a storm erupts in his life. Who is responsible for their ‘existence’? What are his parents’ names? 

Which is more important: caring for others or giving birth? 

Is it true that an assumed relationship is preferable to a blood tie? 

The quest for answers to such concerns begins with the discovery of one’s existence. 

The reader develops a sense of interest as they read through all of the episodes. Will he be able to locate his biological mother? 

What has happened to her? And how will she be? 

Will this enigmatic storm pass us by soon? 

Or any other fresh mystery? 

He travels to Amritsar, the United Kingdom, and the United States in his hunt 

read this novel to know the answers yourself 

This story can touch the hearts of anyone of any faith. 


This is A wonderful book that whizzes over important life lessons, makes you reflect on your existence, and transports you far beyond religious and geographical boundaries. Your persona is influenced by the character’s replies to challenging life questions. The crux of the book is on human relationships and how they seek them with tremendous sensitivity. 

Astitva Full Book Pdf Download By Sudha Murthy

Despite the whirlwind of problems thrown at the protagonist by life, this is a feel-good novel. 

It’s a great pleasure to welcome another Legend book, which lives up to its name and demonstrates a magnificent journey of human values in the Indian tradition of child-raising! 

The traditional Indian culture of the south, and the thinking of a normal woman, wife, and mother, demonstrate that Indian women are extremely resilient in the face of adversity is beautifully shown. 

Sudha Murthy’s writing shows a dramatic shift in tone from masculine to feminine. It is popular in feminine literature to blame men for women’s miseries as if men and women were born enemies and marriage was a license to conduct out a men’s women’s oppression agenda. Sudha Murthy is perhaps the first Indian writer to justify the dilemma by blaming one lady and her family for the misfortunes of another woman. She stands out as a great narrator not because she imitates foreigners, but because she is dedicated to Indian culture. 

When are you going to read this thrilling novel??

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