Atharva- The Origin Pdf Download By Ramesh Thamilmani

The term “graphic novel” refers to a type of book rather than a specific genre. Nonfiction, Fiction, fantasy, history, and everything in between are all possibilities for graphic books. Because they present a story through sequential art, graphic novels are akin to comic books. Graphic novels, unlike comics, tend to be standalone stories with more sophisticated narratives. If you want to explore graphic novels in an inspiring way, go through the book “Atharva-The Origin (A NewAge Graphic Novel) where you will see Dhoni in an Animated avatar. Though not much about the book is revealed yet, aren’t you excited already?

The author Thammilmani said since the scale is large, we needed a celebrity to elevate it to the next level,” the writer explains why he chose the athlete. MSD was the ideal guy for the job. We’d always wished for him, but bringing him on board seemed like a pipe dream.”Atharva- The Origin By Ramesh Thamilmani Pdf Download.

Dhoni is the ideal fit for the role of a superhero in the story, being a real-life hero. He not only gave us his face, but he also worked closely with us. He made a significant contribution that we had not anticipated.”

He further stated 3D representations of characters are produced and how it differs from traditional comic books. Stuntmen were hired to demonstrate and action scenes were sketched. As it was a time taking procedure, it was more like producing a movie than a book.

Name Atharva- The Origin
AuthorRamesh Thamilmani
PublisherVirzu Studios

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Atharva- The Origin By Ramesh Thamilmani Pdf Download 

The narrative of ‘Arthav’ becoming a brave king is depicted in the novel’s plot. ‘Atharva – The Origin’ is a mythical fictitious narrative featuring a young monarch as the protagonist. He continues to battle his fate. The book is science fiction and no religious/ historical/ mythical book. Atharva- The Origin By Ramesh Thamilmani Pdf Download.

A warrior embarks on a perilous and lone quest on a very young world in a long-forgotten time. ‘Atharva’ takes the hero and you on a wonderment trip through breathtaking regions and exotic monsters — a wonderful delight for the spirit and senses.

As disclosed by Captain cool himself, the story revolves around the adventures of a strange Aghori who has been imprisoned through high technology system.

The mysteries disclosed by this Aghori have the potential to change old myths, current beliefs, and future direction.

Sakshi Dhoni said that they want to make sure that we implement all facets of this universe as precisely as possible, bringing every character and tale to life on screen.Atharva- The Origin By Ramesh Thamilmani Pdf Download.

Dhoni appears as an animated incarnation on a battleground, fighting a demon-like horde in the first peek trailer.

The creators labored with a team of artists for several years to construct the mythical realm of Atharva to provide readers with an immersive experience. This graphic novel, written by Ramesh Thamilmani, directed by Mr. MVM Vel Mohan, produced by Mr. Ashok Manor and Mr. Vincent Adaikalaraj , transports readers to a new planet with over 150 lifelike drawings that depict the compelling, racy tale.

Dhoni remarked that he is happy to be engaged with this endeavor, and it is a fascinating venture. Atharva – The Origin is an engrossing novel with a compelling plot and vivid artworks. Every reader would be left wanting more as author Ramesh Thamilmani attempts to introduce India’s first mythical superhero with a modern edge as he gets caught fighting the evil, as Atharva.

 Atharva- The Origin By Ramesh Thamilmani Full Book Pdf Download 

The cricketer shared the first motion poster on his Facebook page today. The motion poster depicts a rugged-looking Dhoni, offering fans a view inside the universe of Atharva as well as the first look at him as a superhero.

The combat scenarios appear to be pretty damaging, therefore it appears to be an intense series. We never imagined Dhoni would play this role as a Mythological Super Hero, and the initial poster was so fantastic that it gave the audience chills. It’s a graphical book, so all we can hope for is that it stays on course, and we’ll all be looking forward to the next installment.

An initial copy of the novel has been gifted to Rajnikanth, the actor and it is in the market from 20th Feb 2022…

The project is more apt for web series, which will be produced by Dhoni’s own production house, Fox Star Studios and Shahrukh Khan has joined the project as well.

Dhoni is stepping into the field of visual books, where he will portray one of the protagonists. Hope his new venture is as interesting as excited we are…Only time and readers as you can say that.

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