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Are you a mystery book lover?? Then we have good news for you. Laurie Moran was originally presented to us in the film I’ve Got You Under My Skin. Laurie hosts the cold case TV show ‘Under Suspicion,’ which helped solve a murder in its debut episode (in the debut novel) and finally provided some ‘closure’ for Laurie, whose husband was murdered five years before. In this new series, MHC is joined by Alafair Burke (one of my favorite authors), who brings her legal acumen and criminal knowledge to MHC’s love of suspense. 

Susan Dempsey’s death was dubbed the “Cinderella Murder” since her body was discovered missing one shoe. She was murdered at 19 years of age. Her automobile was located nearby, although she was meant to be at an assessment with a rising movie director. Her (then) boyfriend, on the other hand, was the prime suspect at the time – and eventually achieved ‘some’ renown himself – but nothing was proven. 

To her mother’s dismay, she had rushed to enroll at UCLA, probably because her no-good boyfriend, Keith Ratner, was already a student there. She’d scoff at the idea of relocating anywhere. Rosemary tried to wrest her mind away from the troublesome thought that last year Susan had chosen to go to UCLA, a great college but a full five-hour drive away. She had been accepted closer to home at Stanford University. Rosemary prayed that she doesn’t end up eloping with him. 

The last time she looked at the clock, it was three thirty, and her last impression before falling asleep was once again an overwhelming fear that today something was going to go desperately wrong. It was two a.m. Rosemary Dempsey sighed when she lifted her eyes and moved. When she knew she had a huge day waiting for her, she’d wake up at the midnight 

Susan’s mother Rosemary is the only one attempting to revive the investigation and uncover the culprit twenty years later. Laurie Moran is the mother of ten-year-old Tommy and has a widowed father, Leo, who is a former police officer. 

Name Cinderella Murder
AuthorMary Higgins Clark
PublisherPocket Books

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Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark Pdf Download

Except for her mother, Rosemary Dempsey, everyone has a lot of secrets to keep hidden, most of which are tied to the shady religion Advocates for God and its malevolent leader and founder Martin Collins. Two further killings, two attempted murders, and suicide come from the re-investigation. Laurie has a lot of compassion for crime sufferers and their families since her husband was killed not long ago. 

Laurie travels to L.A. alongside her production crew, her little son Timmy, her ex-cop dad (Timmy’s babysitter), and lawyer Alex Buckley, who excels at grilling the would-be suspects, thanks Susan’s mother Rosemary’s encouragement. 

Laurie thinks the case could make good television, so she recruits all of the players for a re-enactment and a series of interviews. Alex Buckley, Laurie’s charismatic lawyer (and prospective love interest), arrives to help once again, but – as is frequently the case when digging up the past – the situation is complicated. Laurie and her colleagues learn that the case isn’t as ‘cold’ as they thought. 

Susan’s boyfriend, a movie director, a couple of housemates, a movie director, a lab colleague, and others were all interrogated by the police at the time of the crime. Laurie makes arrangements for these individuals to appear on the show. Some of these individuals’ antics result in more killings and attacks. Except for the big-time movie producer, the majority of the players are from the university. When Laurie discovers that someone is attempting to prevent her from putting on the play, things become even more complicated. Who and why are the questions. 

Several suspects have been identified. her cheating boyfriend the two roommates who had never told each other their secrets, and the computer geek who had a tremendous love for her.  

Cinderella Murder Full Book Pdf Download by Mary Higgins Clark

Susan’s closest friend’s hesitancy, a former fellow student who is now a tech billionaire’s intense curiosity in the case, long-forgotten adultery – and the suspected participation of a strong religious group – are all shocks. Laurie is confident that the case will garner high ratings with the Under Suspicion anchor and lawyer Alex Buckley, especially because the erstwhile suspects include Hollywood’s elite and tech millionaires. 

The first book in this new series, The Cinderella Murder, is a strong start. Laurie, her father and son, Laurie’s eccentric TV crew, and Alex are all charming and fascinating characters. The narrative itself is well-balanced, with murder, mystery, and mayhem, as well as the possibility of a romance between Alex and Laurie. Why was parking her car that far away from her body? Had she ever shown up to an up-and-coming director’s house for an acting audition? Why is Susan’s boyfriend so adamant about not answering any questions regarding their relationship? Is her disappearance linked to a tumultuous campus church? Was it more than the technical skill that drew her near to her computer science professor? And why, when her corpse was discovered, was one of Susan’s shoes missing? Read the book yourself to know more.

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