Ender’s Game Pdf Download by Orson Scott Card

An alien civilization known as “Buggers” sends Ender Wiggin and his fellow trainees to a training academy called Battle School in orbit above the Earth, where they are taught how to become soldiers who will one day fight against them. Ender heads up there, attempting to rise through the ranks in the arduous training programme, while his siblings work to improve the environment around them. Ender has a difficult time in the gym. To aid him in his mission to defend humanity from the Third Invasion, he is given a very unique tutor.

International military forces select Ender Wiggin, the third of a line of child geniuses, to save the planet from oblivion. The military’s top brass can see the world through Ender’s eyes before he is selected, thanks to a special monitor he wears. This monitor was worn by Ender’s brother Peter and sister Valentine, but neither was selected nor had it as long as Ender, and Peter will never forgive Ender for this. Even when the monitor is removed, Peter’s hatred of Ender is not reduced. Ender’s classmates act similarly, and he is obliged to defend himself by violently assaulting the leader of a gang of bullies. Despite Valentine’s best efforts, Ender is only spared Peter’s wrath when Colonel Graff of the International Fleet arrives to take him to Battle School for training.

An alien spaceship serves as the setting for Battle School. Graff begins to separate Ender from his classmates after he shows his ability to beautifully depict gravitational effects on the voyage there. Ender is a member of the Launchies, a group of newly enlisted soldiers. While his brilliance continues to elicit animosity, he makes some new acquaintances among the new recruits. Ender and Alai work together in the battleroom to learn how to move in zero gravity. Forge friendships with Alai and this helps Ender integrate in with the gang. Ender surpasses all previous records in a computer game known as the mind game, and the military commanders notice, even though he doesn’t.

Ender is promoted to the Salamander Army without notice. Petra Arkanian, the lone female soldier in the army, befriends Ender. Bonzo Madrid, the army’s top commander, despises and avoids Ender at all costs. Ender works on his launch skills with Petra before passing on his knowledge to the rest of his team. Because he disobeys Bonzo, who despises Ender, Ender is traded to the Rat Army, where he serves to the benefit of the army. Assigned to Dink Meeker’s platoon, Ender must learn the ropes quickly. Both Dink and Ender are good toon leaders. In spite of the anger from other soldiers, he continues to instruct his Launchies.

Name Ender’s Game
AuthorOrson Scott Card
PublisherTor Science Fiction

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Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card Pdf Download

While this is going on, Peter managed to persuade Valentine that it’s time for them to take control of the situation. Peter is a man of unbridled ambition and cunning enough to attempt to sway global events. To make a positive difference, Valentine accepts to work with him. They quickly begin to exercise their influence while remaining undetected on the internet’s many networks. Despite the fact that everyone admires his talent and that many people attend his practise sessions, he is depressed and mired in the game of his own mind.

Enderland’s Dragon Army is given a new leader and an army composed mostly of Launchies. Bean, the youngest, is extremely intelligent and precocious, similar to Ender, and Bean consistently shows his talent during practise sessions. Every fight that Ender’s army is given, with advantages offered to the opponents, he wins. His army operates as a single unit, and this has a profound effect on battleroom strategy. The humiliation of Ender’s victory over Bonzo is clear.

Ender’s Game Full Book Pdf Download by Orson Scott Card

Despite the fact that the authorities know what Valentine and Peter are doing, they have decided to let them go. During a brief vacation, Valentine visits Ender, and it is obvious that things have changed between the two of them. In a series of battle simulations, Rackham trains Ender to take command of a whole fleet. While studying the buggers, Ender discovers that they’re more like highly evolved insects, communicating instantly and relying on their queen to make decisions for the entire species.

Ender discovers an area on the new planet that resembles the mind game, and he deduces that the buggers had anticipated his arrival—they had peeked into his mind and knew he would overcome them. Ender defeats the buggers. This pupa was left for him to find a place where he and the buggers might once again coexist peacefully. Ender is able to communicate with the queen and realises that the buggers had no intention of fighting the humans in the first place, and he shares their grief over what has happened.

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