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E. L. James’s 2011 novel Fifty Shades Freed. Fifty Shades is a three-book erotic series (Fifty shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed). The author had no intention of writing a book when she began posting segments on the internet, people seemed to enjoy it and desired more. Then Mrs. James began writing the entire trilogy. The previous book ends with Christian and Anna marrying and having their first spat over Anna not taking up Christian’s surname. With the scuffle over, Christian shocks Ana by handing over ownership of Seattle Independent Publishing, the publishing firm where she works and which he controls. Ana’s first executive action as the new CEO is to rename Seattle Independent Publishing “Grey Publishing,” as a further indication of her readiness to assume Christian’s surname.  

In this book, Christian departs for New York on a business trip, without Anna. Ana goes outside for a drink with one of her dearest confidantes, Kate Kavanaugh, against Christian’s specific warnings to remain at home at night for her protection. When Ana returns home, she learns that Jack Hyde, her previous employer who was dismissed for being unhealthily infatuated with Ana and trying to rape her, has been discovered attempting to sneak into the Grey estate. Security personnel discovers a ransom letter, tranquilizers, and duct tape in his van. This finding leads to his imprisonment. 

When Christian learns about Ana’s near-abduction, he comes to Seattle quickly, cutting his work trip short. Instead of showing affection and care for Ana’s health, he chastises her for defying his commands and leaving home late at night. Ana responds by labeling Christian “controlling” and telling him that he won’t be able to keep her apart from her friends. They go to sleep enraged, but they finally reconcile. Christian acknowledges he was incorrect to be so domineering. To make amends, he organizes a surprise vacation to Aspen with all of their pals. During the trip to Aspen, Christian’s elder brother, Elliot, proposes to Kate. Kate accepts his invitation. 

Name Fifty Shades Freed
AuthorE L James
PublisherSourcebooks Inc

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Fifty Shades Freed by E L James Pdf Download

When Ana and Christian return to Seattle, they learn that Ana’s stepfather, Ray, is in a coma following a tragic car accident. Ray awakens and is placed closer to Ana. Christian gives Ana a spectacular birthday celebration the next weekend, showering her with gifts—some are thoughtful and symbolic gestures about their love, while others are showy and expensive gifts, such as a new Audi R8. 

Ana and Christian, on the other hand, have another quarrel after she confesses that she is expectant with his child. Christian, rather than seeing this as a boon, is enraged. He says several nasty things, including that Ana became pregnant “on purpose.” Christian is deeply insecure, fearing that Ana would pick their future son above him. Furthermore, he dismisses the possibility that the kid is a female with chauvinism. Worse, Ana finds that Christian got a text message from Elena Lincoln, a type of ex-girlfriend. Elena originally introduced Christian to the realm of BDSM sex, the thematic background from which the book series is set, when he was only fifteen years old. 

As Ana and Christian’s relationship drama reaches a height, Christian leaves for a business trip once more. While he is out, Jack contacts Ana to inform her that he has abducted Mia, Christian’s younger sister. He informs Ana that if Mia does not bring $5 million within two hours, he would murder her. If Ana notifies anybody or enlists anyone’s aid, Jack claims Mia will likewise die. This causes Ana problems since Christian has sent a bodyguard called Sawyer to keep an eye on her every move while Christian is away. Ana ends up giving Sawyer the slip and then dashes to the bank to retrieve the $5 million. She also carries a pistol to Jack’s meeting. 

Fifty Shades Freed Full Book Pdf Download by E L James

Jack takes the money and allows Mia to leave the meeting place. But when he sees Ana again, he explodes in rage and attempts to kill her by slamming her brutally to the ground. Ana succeeds to shoot Jack in his leg before passing out. Jack is detained, while Ana is being treated at a nearby hospital. When she awakens, she notices Christian watching over her. He apologizes for taking a drink with Elena yet swears it was only that. Christian had been troubled by recollections of his foster home and needed to chat to an old acquaintance, he says. Ana accepts his apology. 

The story jumps ahead two years. Christian was correct: Ana was expecting a son, whom they named Teddy. She is now expecting a daughter, Phoebe. The two are blissfully delighted and indulge in BDSM sex beforehand partying with all of their friends. 

It makes no difference if you’ve read the first series. It is largely the same plot, except this time the reader learns more about Christian, who is a considerably more interesting character. Without a doubt, her story is engrossing, but it is more of a gloomy coming-of-age tale. Christian, unlike Anastasia, has a history that is unusual in nearly every way. He’s been possessed by demons. When combined with his abilities, he poses a threat, particularly to Anastasia. When Anastasia is drawn into a whirlwind romance with a dark and strong guy, she discovers her strength and voice.

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