Five Nights at Freddy’s Collection Pdf Download by KiraBreed Cawthon, Scott Wrisley

Have you ever read a book giving you a gaming experience?? Well, you can, if you read “Five Nights from Freddie by KiraBreed Cawthon. It is based on Cawthon’s bestselling horror video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s and is considered by Cawthon to be separate (albeit similar) from the events that occurred in the game series, as well as his and her debut novel.

This novel centers on Charlie, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza owner’s daughter and the one who gave the world Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. For the tenth anniversary of the passing of a friend who tore her little town apart, she is going back home after a decade. When Charlie meets up with her old pals again when she returns, they all resolve to return to Freddy’s. They manage to go into the abandoned restaurant even though the structure has been enshrouded with a partially completed mall. However, things have changed, and the animatronics they once adored as kids now have a violent goal Henry Emily and William Afton decide to launch Fazbears Entertainment, a children’s pizza (not the name of the pizzeria itself). It is a “kid-friendly” location full of fun and imagination for both children and adults. However, William is later discovered to be a psychopath and a child killer. Henry Emily’s child, Charlie (Charlotte) Emily, is mistreated by several children at a Halloween party; after walking outdoors, she is discovered and killed by William. Later, Charlie is discovered by the security animatronic puppet. Later, we discover that Charlie has taken control of the puppet. And from there, the narrative of what everybody else has stated sort of continues. 

BookFive Nights at Freddy’s Collection
AuthorKiraBreed Cawthon, Scott Wrisley
PublisherScholastic Inc

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Collection Pdf Download by KiraBreed Cawthon, Scott Wrisley

First match: Michael Afton hires himself out as a night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in order to reconnect with his younger brother (who may or may not be named Evan). Michael manages to fend off the restaurant’s animatronics’ attempts to murder him for five or six nights. The robots are also tormented by deceased children, notably an old yellow child named Fredbear.

Jeremy Fitzgerald is a nightguard in the second game, which is a precursor. After working six nights, he is transferred to the day shift, where Mangle chewed his frontal lobe off, causing the incident that would become known as the bite of 87.

Third game: You can choose to take on the role of Michael or another anonymous man who works as a nightguard at a scary attraction that features Springtrap, an animatronic version of William Afton, Michael’s father and the kidnapper. Michael then destroys the scary show, but Springtrap is still alive since he is an operator.

Fourth game: The backstory of maybe Evan, a miserable child that Michael enjoys tormenting because, well, big brother has to be big brother. Even though a genuine animatronic shouldn’t be able to do that, hinting they were intended to murder people, and considering they were manufactured by William, it wouldn’t be too strange if one day Michael chooses to put perhaps Evan in Fredbear’s mouth. Even then dies. Mike may or may not now despise himself.

Origin of Michael in the fifth game. His mother may or may not have evolved into a ballerina robot, while his sibling is a robot clown. Michael gets gutted like a pumpkin and turned into an everlasting purple zombie that probably has 30 existential crises per second by Ennard, who is created when mom bot and sister bot fuse with scream Fred, Mettaton Foxy, and Mettaton.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Collection Pdf Download

In the sixth game, Michael collects his entire family, Charlie, and a man named Henry, and sets them all on fire along with himself. William in hell for game seven. Eighth game: Fazbear Entertainment is attempting to rebrand, but William reappears as a computer virus and infects a girl named Vanessa. Vanessa then turns into a furry, simps for William, and kills some children.

The book is for 12 years and above. Some lessons must be learned in the most difficult way. Reed sees a chance to impart the bullies at school a lesson, but he messes up the message. When Robert, a tired single father, decides to buy a beautiful new teddy bear to monitor and amuse his little kid, he receives a crash education in parenting. Chris agrees to participate in a gory experiment in order to get admitted into the school’s Science Club. But there is always a lesson in suffering in the evil Five Nights in Freddy’s world.

Isolation may create a vacuum. But in the bleak Five Nights at Freddy’s universe, empty sentiments frequently draw ravenous monsters. Creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon, crafts four scary novella-length tales from various canonical locations in this four-book box set. Lady Fiszi, a fan-favorite cover designer, created the covers for these tales. Attention readers: even the most ardent Five Nights at Freddy’s fans will be shaken by this compilation of scary tales!

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