Five Point Someone Pdf Download by Chetan Bhagat

Five Point Someone is a tale about three IIT classmates who can’t seem to get along. This book doesn’t talk about how one can get into a prestigious college nor even how college life is on campus. In fact, it encapsulates how messed up things can get if you don’t think clearly.”

Alok, Hari, and Ryan, three dormitory roommates, have a terrible start in IIT when they fail the first class quiz. And, despite their best efforts, things are just getting worse. It takes them a bit to comprehend that tampering with the IIT system results in double fiddling. 

They’ll be at the bottom of IIT society before they realize it. They have a GPA of around five out of 10 and are at the bottom of their class. This GPA is a permanent tattoo that will obstruct everything else that matters to them — their friendship, their future, and their love lives. While the rest of the world expects IITians to rule the globe, these guys are just scraping by.

Will they be able to make it? Is there a right to life for under-performers? Can they demonstrate that they are a five-point-someone, not simply a five-point-someone? Download Five Point Someone pdf.

It’s the story of three students from IIT. It is plainly the plot of how they squandered their lives in the first five semesters and how, with realization, they eventually made it into corporate careers (or whatever they prefer).

Name Five Point Someone
AuthorChetan Bhagat
PublisherRupa Publications India

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Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat Pdf Download

Ryan is a sensible and bright man with a pragmatical-science mindset who despises mug-up studies and the IIT education system. Hari, who has no notion of what he wants to accomplish with his life, is always following or attempting to emulate Ryan. And Alok, who comes from a poor and traditional household and fought hard to get into IIT, is looking for a nice corporate position after graduation to help support his family and ailing father. 

The plot continues as normal. They skip classes and head to the movies on Ryan’s scooter, which his parents gave him as a gift (even though he hated his rich parents, he used to get gifts). They dine at the same restaurants, drink the same beverages, and smoke in the same rooms. In their first and second semesters, they attempt to do things differently, just like any other Indian engineering student.Download Five Point Someone pdf.

For obvious reasons, they receive lower grades. Alok holds Ryan responsible for his ideas (movies, spending time outside). These three individuals broke off, with Alok (6+GPA) heading to Venkat’s (9+GPA) room. Venkat, a fascinating individual with a 9+ GPA, constantly mugs up everything, virtually every word of academic text.

Ryan and Hari, on the other hand, are unconcerned about their semester marks. The author now introduces Hari’s love tale. He was smitten by Neha, the daughter of the department’s HOD, Cherian. This love tale contains sad elements, such as the death of Neha’s brother in an accident. They made every-second Saturday calls to each other. After two years, Alok advances one grade, but the other two are held on a 5gpa ship, hovering between 5 and 5.5. They’re always in the five-point range.

Venkat refuses to help Alok while his father is ill in the third year. Ryan is willing to assist him.

They used to go to Prof. Veera’s classes since he is youthful and practical. Cherian is a third-year student who teaches the topic. Hari tries to impress him because his love life depends on him, but he fails spectacularly when he is caught red-handed intoxicated. 

Now comes their biggest blunder: attempting to steal semester exam question papers because there is no way to earn excellent grades quickly. They were able to catch up to the security personnel. The subject is then referred to an inter-disciplinary committee. Prof. Veera assists them, but the committee chooses to prolong their one-year contract. In the previous year, they were low on credits and were unable to attend an interview.

Meanwhile, Professor Cherian learned that his son had committed suicide rather than dying in an accident. Because he couldn’t get into IIT, Neha’s sibling committed suicide. As a HOD son, he felt humiliated. Cherian now feels humiliated. He evolved into a better person than he was previously.

Despite the one-semester suspension, Ryan’s scooter-lubricants-mix project saves them. Cherian agreed to provide their project accreditation. They earned their engineering degree in the end. Hari and Alok both secured corporate jobs. Ryan dislikes corporate jobs, so he accepts a position as a research associate on Prof. Veera’s lubricants project. Download Five Point Someone pdf.

Five Point Someone Full Book Pdf Download

Chetan Bhagat is a well-known Indian novelist who enjoys writing contemporary fiction. Talking about modern fiction, he has such a funny style, deliberately keeping words confused, the passion between couples, and so on. His humorous manner and metaphoric language are qualities that should be admired in his work.

This book, which discusses the drawbacks of the Indian educational system, was much ahead of its time. The narrative is realistic, and you can comprehend the difficulties of being ordinary in a world where top performers are expected. Bhagat used analogies such as “red face like a ripe tomato,” “petrified like a chicken butcher shop,” and so on. This novel was adapted into the film “3 Idiots,” which is considered one of the finest in the Bollywood business. Download Five Point Someone pdf.

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