Freakonomics Pdf Download by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt

Freakonomics is an economics related book written by both Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. Freakonomics means gambling. Under this book, it has been told how a person or a country needs an economy. If you look at something, then you give your vote in favor of it, it means that you think about this thing with your mind, it is not that you give it with suspicion or whatever people have the most opinion, in that case your attention starts getting noticed. 

Like you take a person, if a person meets you, then it is not necessary that that person will like you because we do not know completely about his behavior. What we see is not the same as gold is a metal whose special thing is to shine, if we think that what shines is gold, then is it our wrong concept.

It has been told in this book that when you start any work or if you feel pain on something, then you should not take a decision on it without thinking because if we take a decision about something without thinking. So he becomes a cause of loss for us later. Many times it happens that when we have to buy books online, then we start getting impressed by looking at the outer cover of the book and buy that book without thinking, then later it comes to know that whatever is written inside that book. It is absolutely useless, after which you have a lot of remorse, that’s why if you take any decision, first get complete information about it.

Name Freakonomics
AuthorStephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt
PublisherWilliam Morrow

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Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt Pdf Download

Similarly, in our life, we meet many people and he talks to us well but we do not know about him completely, due to which that person cheats us, that is why after reading this book you can know that how will you get to know another person and such things have been told in this book, after reading which your way of thinking changes completely. 

Incentive means motivation which motivates you to do any work. Like you started some work and you do not feel like in that work then you leave that work but with the help of incentive you become energetic again and start working again. In real life, it is very closely related to economics because in the field of economics, we have to take decisions very carefully. Because of incentives, we become more interested in working like you must have noticed one thing during your childhood that when you went to school, your parents used to say that if you get first position in your class and if you do, he will give you a computer or a bicycle, after which you used to study even more, so similarly it is also done in the field of economics.

Freakonomics Full Book Pdf Download

The number of youth smoking cigarettes was increasing in America, then the government there started the “Anti-Smoking” campaign, due to which the price of cigarettes doubled from before, due to which people avoided buying cigarettes and people also had more money. It was not possible to buy that cigarette.With the help of the campaign, cigarette smoking was controlled and after some time cigarette smoking was also banned. 

Such things have been told in the book of Freakonomics, by which you can incorporate very good habits in your life and get very good information about economics. We have been told about this book in this article in brief, if you want to know it in detail, then you can buy this book online or you can download and read its PDF file.

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