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Give and Take focuses on the similarities between many required terms for a successful and productive life . We’ve concentrated on the individual drivers of success for generations: passion, hard effort, talent, and luck. However, how we communicate with others is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. The whole work focuses on three types of people namely takers, matchers and givers depending on their personality traits. The first ones try to acquire as much as they could from the rest, the second one believes in a fair game while the third one is selfless to help others without any boundaries. Download “Give and Take” pdf.

Grant’s research shows that givers can fall to the bottom of the success ladder across a wide range of occupations after years of researching the mechanisms of success and productivity. Giving makes people better, but it can sometimes come at the expense of their own success. Givers also have a tendency to do more favors than they receive in return, and they may run out of time before finishing their tasks.

This book changed the reader’s perspective on what motivates people to succeed. Wharton professor Adam Grant demonstrates how, when combined with motivation, ability, and opportunity, being a giver in our thoughts and behaviors toward others can fuel our long-term personal and career success with an intriguing body of research. Download “Give and Take” pdf.

Name Give and Take
AuthorAdam Grant
PublisherOrion Publishing Group

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Give and Take by Adam Grant  Pdf Download 

Workplace success can be ascribed to a combination of passion, talent, hard effort, and luck. This puzzle, however, is lacking a piece. Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, and Wharton’s youngest tenured professor argues that our success is determined by how we interact with others, based on his influential research. Download “Give and Take” pdf!

People tend to operate as “takers, matchers, or givers” in work, according to Grant. Takers try to acquire as much as they can from others, while matchers try to deal fairly. Givers, on the other hand, are the uncommon individuals who offer without expecting anything in return. 

Which of the three reciprocity interaction styles performs best in the workplace? It’s the givers, which is surprising. While some providers can be exploited and burn out at work, they can also achieve amazing success in a variety of fields – more so than matchers and takers. In the end, Grant says, givers take all, but not just any givers, the strategic givers. So, if you have the gift of giving but your candle is burning out, this book will teach you how to give while still getting ahead. Grant offers practical suggestions on developing this attribute in addition to his science-based method.Download “Give and Take” pdf!

Takers are self-protective and adopt the mentality of “what can you do for me?” They prioritize themselves and seek to sway reciprocity in their favour. Helping is a calculated decision in which the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Matchmakers are fair and balanced, and they believe in an equal trade of goods and services. They believe that reciprocity is essential for success, and they strive to give and receive in equal proportion. The givers are the least common of the three types of reciprocity. They offer assistance whenever they can, and their motivation is based on selflessness. They feel that only compassion matters in the end, therefore they give without considering what they will receive in return.

These styles, however, are fluid states, and we can change them to fit different roles and relationships in our lives. A person can be any of it depending on the place and circumstances . Being a matcher appears to be a safe way of life, but is it the most successful and productive way of doing business? In the workplace, Grant conducted a study to determine who ultimately succeeds: takers, matchers, or givers?Download “Give and Take” pdf!

Give and Take Full Book Pdf Download

Give and Take focuses on the similarities between effective networking, teamwork, influence, negotiation, and leadership skills. This epic book introduces a new way of thinking about success that has the potential to change not only individuals and groups but entire organizations and communities. ‘There is no such thing as an island.’ In terms of success and productivity, how we collaborate and gladly provide time, energy, and knowledge matters. Also, keep in mind that the path to tiredness is frequently paved with good intentions. Generosity without reciprocity can lead to exhaustion, so while the power of generosity should not be underestimated, the problem is in how we offer. Giving shouldn’t have to come at the cost of our own happiness and prosperity. Download “Give and Take” pdf!

Grant outlines practical techniques to become a strategic giver in this book, Give and Take. We need to be more deliberate about how, when, and who we aid if we want to give while still getting ahead. Grant recommends adopting a more flexible reciprocity style and, on occasion, using a matcher style, especially when dealing with a taker. What makes his work amazing, however, is that he demonstrates that compassion is important and plays a substantial influence in our success. How might we employ the next five minutes now that we know generosity is essential for job success? And most crucially, how can we ensure that the good guys always come out on top. Download “Give and Take” pdf.

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