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Gosti Mansanchya is one such book in which many inspirational stories have been added and the author of this book is Sudha Murthy. One story written by him has a naughty child who plays a lot of mischief and is troubled by all the people and the second story of this is told about the life of a woman how she struggles and  Works for her dreams. She runs the household expenses by doing small work and saves some money to make her dreams come true and in addition she supports her husband’s business and to increase her husband’s business she is financially  Helps a lot. In the first story of Sudha Murthy, a 12-year-old girl lives with her grandparents. Her father never sent that girl to school and always allowed her to stay at home because of the huge amount of land in her house.

This scene dates back to 1942, when Kulkarni was 22 years old when he was to obtain a medical license and MBBS degree. After some time, Kulkarni becomes successful in the medical field and is posted on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka, which works in a dispensary. Various types of patients used to come to his dispensary, but most of the patients used to come who had fever or had to take injection of some disease, but he was getting bored because of all this work, he got more time.  happened.

Some time passed after that when the month of July starts then one night it was raining very hard and the door of his house was being knocked loudly and when he opened the door there were eight men standing with sticks and those people also had blankets. All those people had come in two cars who had parked their car in front of his house. Then when Kulkarni asked them what was the matter, they asked Kulkarni to come with medical supplies. It was raining very hard but still they take Kulkarni away in the rain.

Name Gosti Mansanchya
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin India

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Gosti Mansanchya Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

After about an hour and a half, the car stops in front of a house, where a woman’s cry is heard, then they take Kulkarni down from the car and take her towards the house, but still the rain has not stopped completely. Now they push Kulkarni into a room and they tell Kulkarni that you have to treat for the birth of a child and then they leave from there. When Kulkarni sees the scene there, he sees a pregnant woman and a Lady who is a little old and deaf, who cannot hear anything.

Kulkarni did not work for a long time as a doctor, so he did not have much experience and did not know much about delivery, due to which he was afraid that he might make some mistake but there was a pregnant woman. She was absolutely sure that she did not have any kind of fear. When the doctor proceeded for treatment, the girl told the doctor that she did not want to live as her life had become like hell for her. When the doctor asked the reason for this, the girl said that my father is a landlord and he has more than 500 acres of land, that is why he never sent me to school and did not let me do any work.

The girl said that a teacher used to come to her house to teach her and then after some time the girl started falling in love with that teacher, after which both of them also started having a sexual relationship after which the girl became pregnant. When that teacher came to know about all this, the teacher ran away from there, but the girl’s family members knew all this and were planning to kill the teacher, but before that they wanted to abort the woman whose for this they started adopting home remedies but none of the remedies were successful and after that Kulkarni was called for treatment.

Gosti Mansanchya Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

After successful treatment of Kulkarni, that girl is born a baby girl but that girl says that she would be very happy if she had a boy but Kulkarni explained to her that whatever happens happens for good, after that the girl’s father gave ₹100 to the doctor and asked to go home. At the time of 1942, ₹100 was a very big amount, if we compare it with today, then its price would be around ₹10000. But Kulkarni does not keep that money with him and gives it to the girl there and asks her to go to a nursing college which is located in Pune.

This novel written by Sudha Smurti is very heart touching because such events have been included in the novel written by her, which we are able to relate to our society and all this happens around us also so that we understand the point easily .The author of this novel has many years of experience in writing as she was a professor as well as a social worker once she worked and the number of friend circle she had, all had skilled minds and all had high quality innovative thinking. This novel written by him is not fiction at all, which he has written this novel on the basis of his own experience and after doing many researches, he has finished this story, due to which the readers are able to relate to this story. I hope you liked this story written by Sudha Murthy very much and decided that if you want to read this book in detail then you can buy it from your nearest book store if you do not go to the shop. If you want do not want to go to the shop or you have a problem to go to anywhere, then you can buy and read from any online platform.

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