Healing Your Emotional Self Pdf Download by Beverly Engel

The promotion of reading time is one method by which teachers and parents often promote self-care. This ground-breaking manual aims to help you reject the skewed impressions that your parents, whether knowingly or unknowingly, put onto you. This unique approach will gradually equip you with the abilities you need to silence your inner critic, increase your self-esteem, create a positive self-image apart from the distorted one created by your abusive parents, gain self-nurturing, and be the person you were meant to be. 

How you feel for yourself as a human is the foundation of your self-esteem. It refers to how you view yourself generally and how much you accept who you are. Two straightforward inquiries might reveal a lot about your level of self-esteem. Do you think you’re lovable, ask yourself? 

Do I think I’m valuable? Self-esteem and self-image are not the same things (also called self-concept). Your beliefs and perceptions of yourself make up your self-image. How much you like these pictures determines your level of self-esteem. Self-esteem is mainly concerned with how highly you regard yourself, whereas self-image is the way you perceive yourself or you believe others perceive you. Parents serve as a mirror for their children, helping them to see who they are. 

Positive mirror: Children who have loving, supportive, fair parents who set reasonable boundaries and enforce them become self-actualized adults. Distorted Mirror: Children who have parents that are uncaring, harsh, and unjust or who place harsh boundaries and punishment on them grow insecure, self-critical, and have low self-esteem. That is the true cause of reduced self-esteem and a negative self-image. Children who are treated unfairly and unequally by parents who lack warmth and affection, attention, respect, or appreciation, or who have unrealistic expectations. 

Name Healing Your Emotional Self
AuthorBeverly Engel

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Healing Your Emotional Self by Beverly Engel Pdf Download

There are different kinds of abuse such as physical and emotional negligence, verbal abuse, placing excessive demands on a child, being over-controlling or overprotective .Mirror therapy’s fundamental tenets are that your physical and emotional problems are the result of your parents’ maltreatment, smothering, or abuse. You cannot feel worthy of yourself until your parents empathically reflect on you. They won’t know how to calm themselves if a child’s demands are disregarded or neglected. Children become the victims of their parents’ unsolved problems. Children are influenced negatively by their parent’s bad behavior. 

You need to figure out where the true origins of the worthlessness thoughts. You most likely have a burning desire to obtain what your parents failed to give you when you were a youngster. A pathological inner critic was brought up by parental emotional abuse. Abuse of emotions causes a separation between the body and emotions. You must become more aware of your likes, dislikes, values, aspirations, and ambitions. You can have a propensity to suppress your feelings or feel powerless in the face of them.  

The remedies for all these are 

  1. Express all the Suppressed emotions and face the truth 
  2. Identify your fundamental limiting beliefs. 
  3. Take emotional distance from your parents (including confronting your parents) 
  4. Your inner critic is another oppressor, even if it has evolved into an inner saboteur. 
  5. Self-mothering: Change the way you talk to yourself. 
  6. Learn about yourself 
  7. reconnect with your body 
  8. Don’t numb your feelings; instead, engage with them. 
  9. Give yourself some inner structure. 

Healing Your Emotional Self Full Book Pdf Download by Beverly Engel

A lot of victims of abuse believe they will offer their child or children what they didn’t have from their parents. Others struggle with pressure from others. The inner child is a representation of your emotional self. The first step in emotional self-healing is to establish a relationship and a discourse with the inner child. The goal is to give yourself what you were deprived of as a child by developing a protective, supportive “internal mother” and a strong, supportive “internal father.” You have to start feeding your emotions properly and establishing sensible boundaries for yourself. 

Because Engel covers specifics of abuse and its impact on a person’s life, this book may open doors to self-awareness, self-comprehension, and more healthy personal growth. If the reader reads the pages carefully, slowly, and spends some time engaging in the activities Engel suggests, they can confront their feelings from abuse. A victim of abuse may not always be able to. She/He will lash out and attack or condemn what is being said since it is too near to the person’s real and intolerable experience, which will make her feel harshly judged and ashamed. Despite being on such a sensitive issue, the book is readable by all. Readers of Healing Your Emotional Self are guided step-by-step through the process of finding their selves again, taming their inner critics, boosting their self-esteem, and starting to appreciate their bodies.

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