Heart Bones Pdf Download by Colleen Hoover

Heart Bones is a very beautiful story which was published on 26 May 2021 by colleen hoover. This story has a very sad ending but in this story very good things have been told about life. The main character in this story is Bea Grimm who finds her own way to live life after struggling in her life and keeps on moving forward for which she can’t thank anyone as she achieves everything on her own. Bea Grimm makes a rule of 2 months to move forward in her life for which she starts working but she wants to leave her past behind and start a new life there.

Bea Grimm belongs to a poor family and she brings hope to move ahead in her life and on the other hand Samson comes from a rich family and was very ahead in terms of money. Both of them had nothing in common, their way of life was also different, but they had one thing in common that both of them were attracted towards misery very quickly. This is where these people get a chance to work together and when both of them work together, the idea of ​​both starts meeting each other and starts getting attracted towards each other. But together they both want to deny their relationship but can not do it directly for which they want to enjoy the shallow end of the flight in the summer season

Bea Grimm and Samson spend time together in a sea, but Beya does not know that another rag is coming to her and the current begins to attract Bea’s heart. After this Beya feels that the ocean current is getting attached to her heart and she thinks that if the heart has no bones or nothing happens in the heart then how does it break because Biya feels like this now. It was as if half of his heart had been broken. Both of them have one more month for which Beya asks Samson that the way my heart has become troubled, are you in the same condition? Samson’s eyes moisten and he was saying something in his mind, seeing all this, it seemed that Samson was also heartbroken.

Name Heart Bones
AuthorColleen Hoover
PublisherIndependently Published

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Heart Bones Pdf Download by Colleen Hoover

This book is really heart breaking as it depicts a lot of emotional stuff in which a girl named Beya follows her own made path in life which is very lonely, angry, disappointed and hurt. Beya meets a boy named Samson and they become friends. Samson’s family was very prosperous and he had no shortage of anything. In this story, the lives of both of them are different but both work on the same field, due to which the closeness between the two starts growing. It was only when Samson met Beya for the first time that he realized that Beya is a very deep person and she thinks deeply about something. Beya is very depressed with her life and she was fed up with this life for which she always search for some new things and she travels all the places to know about the world.  

When Biya was very young, her mother was supported by a boy and the boy spent time with her mother in one-night flings.  Beya used to live with her parents but now she has changed her course and she follows the path created by her. Beya comes to the trailer park to spend her life and this is where she makes her living. She struggles a lot in her early days and she used to work on a butt to earn money and she used to work hard in school also.  She was very fond of playing volleyball for which she practiced a lot as she wanted to take advantage of the scholarship. In the same city where she was living she saw her mother in a bad condition Bera must have been around 19 years old at that time and when she meets her mother her mother would have been in a drunken state  Is. Bera was still a child and had not had much experience with life, but it was time for her to become an adult.

Heart Bones Full Book Pdf Download by Colleen Hoover

Heart Bones is a beautiful story in which it is told about the life of a girl named Bera and the author of this book is Colleen Hoover who has presented this story in a very different way, so that the reader gets a lot of joy and experiences while reading.  There is attainment. Beya is very angry with her life and she is always worried after which she starts to understand about life and find her own way to live life and she leaves the house and goes to live separately. Later, in the initial days, he has to face a lot of difficulties but gradually in the end everything seems to be fine and he has got a lot of experience about life.

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