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Reading true tales has a certain appeal over fiction. Sudha Murty’s stories and experiences are such that inspire a sense of compassion and vitality. Personal tales warm the heart, be it her endeavors to educate her grandma to read or her father’s sympathetic touch as a doctor. Being a young girl, she faced many difficulties as the lone female in an entire cohort of engineering students at her institution. Sudha Murty is now committed to contributing back to society, as seen by each of her stories and one such great book is “Here, There and Everywhere”. 

The author begins the book with a moving and philosophical opening in which she recalls her strong relationship with her siblings, especially her brother. She notifies the readers that this book is a compilation of her favorite memories, like lovely flowers, from her life. All of the flowers are arranged in a lovely garland, which she intends to devote to her brother. 

Sudha Murthy’s literary career begins with The Tale of Many Tales, the opening narrative in the book. She remembers her upbringing fondly, especially how her mother was instrumental in instilling in her a love of reading and writing. She recounts her struggles transitioning to English as an instruction medium after graduating from Kannada medium in tenth grade. 

Name Here, There And Everywhere
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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Here, There And Everywhere by Sudha Murthy Books Pdf Download

Murty also talks about her published works, including how one editor taught her the value of striking a balance between fact and fantasy. The section of the narrative when she and her husband save $300 a month and travel by packed local trains and buses to acquire books is both heartwarming and inspirational. It teaches young readers the value of setting aside money for items they desire. 

She describes her work with the devadasis in the story, Three Thousand Stitches, including how it began, the opposition she faced, the stumbling blocks she encountered, and the eventual success. Later in the novel, we learn how her efforts were recognized and how 3,000 devadasis were restored by the Infosys Foundation. 

She takes the readers on a journey down memory lane, to her childhood home. “There were two granaries, one in the front and one in the back, both of which held higher-quality white rice.” The rice of poor grade, which was thick and red, was kept in the back of the granary… When people came to our house asking for alms, my grandfather used to give them the white rice from the front granary, but we always ate the red rice from the back granary,” Murty explains, giving us an eye-opening lesson on the etiquette of always giving the best to others, even if it means making sacrifices for ourselves. That is the most genuine and passionate way to give. 

The Meaning of Philanthropy is another story, in which she discusses Philanthropy’s meaning and how everyone must provide the greatest to others. She writes in a conversational tone, which makes it easy to follow her explanations of this complex subject. Giving is a selfless act, and being a philanthropist does not require money. To paraphrase Murty, all you need to be a philanthropist is the desire to serve others and the right mentality. 

“How to Beat the Guys” recalls her experience as the lone lady inside an engineering college of 149 boys. She dealt with the ragging with zeal, overcoming emotional pain in the process, but never abandoning her academic aspirations. Due to inconveniences such as the lack of female restrooms, she eventually took on the responsibility of building female toilets. She defied gender stereotypes by always being at the top of her class and passing with good scores. 

Here, There And Everywhere Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy Books

There’s a chance that if these stories didn’t have a face and a name, they wouldn’t be recognized as much. However, when Murty narrates the stories, the themes are given a great deal of validity and merit; this works well for her and, more importantly, for the common readers. The work might autobiography of the author. She has endeavored to convey her history via the book’s twenty-two fascinating occurrences. 

The twenty-two episodes are packed with moral lessons, a sense of accomplishment, human desperation, human concern, lineage, adoring for a city, conundrum, how to be a maverick, a section on the voyage of the fruits and vegetables we intake, a visit to Pakistan and other countries, an amplified view of Karnataka, and a nice look at Sudha’s illustrious personality. There is no fancy jargon or convoluted storylines, but the narration’s simplicity and honesty provide fuel for thinking. Enjoy the subtle comedy she weaves into the pages. The book is brief with 224 pages.  Murty shows readers how different people view the notion of giving back to society in her spontaneous and conversational writing style.

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