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Peter Crouch’s lengthy career has been chock-full of delightful surprises. When he was first seen at QPR (Queens Park Rangers) as a youngster, it was clear that he had a lot more to give than that bizarre body, but not to the level that one may have predicted him participating in two World Cups for England. This easy-to-read book follows the same structure. His affable self-awareness, as seen by his famous response to the question of what he would be if he weren’t a footballer (“a virgin”), has undoubtedly shape a good traditional autobiography. Being a footballer is finding yourself immersed in the craziest, most perplexing universe imaginable.

He narrates what he has learned and tells it just how it is in How to be a Footballer, from the most colorful facets of the game to what truly occurs on and off the pitch, as he nears the conclusion of his brilliant career. Crouch deftly integrates his tale into various facets of the current game (for example, a chapter about the team bus, another about certain footballers’ fashion sense, another about player superstitions, Peter Crouch’s dance skills, and how he handles social media), how small gestures/actions may be extensively misinterpreted in the media, influencing people’s attitudes in ways that don’t even semblance to reality. Tattoos – Peter explains why he has never acquired a tattoo and offers some compelling reasons. Some of his arguments are backed up by some fantastic real-life tattoos from other sportsmen. 

Revelations of how both the isolation and loneliness of ‘on loan’ players who don’t feel like they belong to the permanent or temporary club and the ‘loyalty’ or lack thereof of managers who are people-oriented yet solely rewarded for success are given. We’ll go into after-match interviews, make fools of ourselves on social media, and attempt to avoid paying £250 for a haircut that should have cost a tenner ever again. 

Name How To Be A Footballer
AuthorPeter Crouch
PublisherEbury Press

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How To Be A Footballer By Peter Crouch Pdf Download

We’ll be taught and cajoled by Harry Redknapp, irritate Rafa Benitez, and be comforted by Sven-Goran Eriksson’s assistant Tord Grip’s accordion playing. There will be some awful decisions and awful music. There are some fascinating insights into both athletes and coaches. The most compelling argument in his favor as a manager and a handful of incidents demonstrating that even his biggest fans shouldn’t put their faith in him blindly is awe-striking. The segment on Steven Gerrard at the end should be included in future football anthologies.

So go into the dressing room with Peter Crouch himself to find out which players decline to touch a football before a game, why a bunch of billionaires never have any shower gel, and what Cristiano Ronaldo says to himself in the mirror and enter a world where one teammate wears a bright red suit to training with a matching top hat, cane, and spectacles that aren’t glasses, while another owns so many sports vehicles that they forget to leave a Porsche there at a train station. You can witness how players begin their careers, what happens when they begin making a living as a footballer, and, of course, what happens when they begin earning large sums of money. Family, teammates, fans, workers, and agents have a variety of amusing and tragic interactions.

How To Be A Footballer Full Book Pdf Download By Peter Crouch

Despite so many information, the book is a short light-hearted read. There’s a resemblance to the Secret Footballer, except for this time we know who’s giving the stories and who they’re about. Crouch is frequently the fall guy, and tales of other people’s misfortunes are typically recounted in a compassionate rather than condemning tone. 

Crouch has been a cult figure for a long time, blending affability with an understanding that football has given him higher alpha status than he’s ever imagined. The fact that this book is enjoyable, instructive, and occasionally highly humorous is due in large part to co-writer Tom Fordyce, who is also a partner in the podcast that is based on it. However, a co-writer is only as great as the material given by the person whose name appears on the covers, and Crouch possesses observational and memory skills that would make him a great reporter in another life. 

Crouch has a generous soul, but he isn’t without his flaws. The book is not a typical player autobiography, but a real insider’s insight into football and is readable by all, even sports outsiders. Despite its humorous approach, the book will give you plenty of other emotions.

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