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Mindfulness can make any of us a better and more successful person. To make our minds sharper, wouldn’t it be helpful to get all the brain stimulating methods in one place. A worthy book in such a context would be “How To Improve Memory-The Ultimate Mind Power Manual” .Get to know how brilliant individuals use their mental power and efficient techniques for memory enhancement, and acquire a wealth of knowledge and methods for maximizing your mind’s potential. Some of the top experts in the area of mind power have put together the proven hidden methods in this book. The best part is anyone will get laid out techniques and mindset tactics for mind and memory mastery that everyone may adopt, regardless of experience level. 

After an introduction, the second chapter has a map of the different parts of the brain as the Forebrain, hindbrain, Midbrain, Right and left hemisphere, Parietal, frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes, Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, GABA, Serotonin, etc. Chapter three has exercises that one can exercise in daily life. For example, in school, you can start remembering the menu list of the cafeteria, in the office learn multiple yet a few vocabularies of some other language every day, In the restaurant, you may take a careful look at your waiter (or waitress) and observe his features, any distinctive moles, hand or eye motions, or whether he is wearing a ring on his finger. This is similar to performing some detective work. Another activity would be to glance around the restaurant and estimate how many people there are. An alternative is to look for odd items in the restaurant, act if you have a photographic memory, and recall where they are or in the parking lot after parking, try remembering all location aids such as the colors of the cars adjacent, weather opposite to some building or other landmark, etc. 

Chapter four is about the other essential factors like sleep, nutrition, and physical exercise. Chapter five is about vitamins, other supplements, and ways out of indifference, apathy, or stress. Chapter six is about the role of creative thinking. The techniques discussed in the book are The SCAMPER approach is a productive tool for creative thinking. SCAMPER stands for “S” for “Substitute, “C” for “Combine,” “A” for “Adapt,” and “M” for “Modify” (also Minify or Magnify) P stands for “put another use for,” “eliminate,” and “reverse.” 

Name How to Improve Memory- The Ultimate Mind Power Manual
AuthorSuccess Sculpting Coach
PublisherSuccess Sculpting, Inc.

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How to Improve Memory- The Ultimate Mind Power Manual by Success Sculpting Coach Pdf Download

For instance, you may use plastic instead of glass when creating windows for a child’s playhouse (for safety). Using random words to spark original thought and come up with inventive solutions to challenges is a straightforward, innovative strategy. You may go beyond conventional bounds and approach problems from a different angle by using random word suggestions. Think about Bumfuzzle. This is a straightforward phrase that means to be baffled, agitated, or confused as well as to produce bewilderment.  

An analogy is a detailed comparison of two often disparate objects. Moving from the known to the unknown, analogies explain and demonstrate by contrasting several ideas, each of which has a counterargument. Example: White: Black:: Up: Down .Chapter Seven is about critical thinking. According to Paul and Scriven, critical thinking is built on: “universal intellectual ideals that span subject material divisions: clarity, correctness, precision, consistency, relevancy, sound evidence, excellent arguments, depth, breadth, and fairness. With Google, Yahoo, and MSN, we can compare the benefits of each search engine optimization (SEO) strategy before selecting one. 

Chapter eight comes up with analytical thinking. Different writers have defined analytical thinking in different ways. It involves understanding the terms, generating ideas, and supporting instinct whereby the frontal lobe is activated. Chapter nine illustrates the use of aromatherapy. By activating certain brain areas that regulate emotion, motivation, and hormone regulation, essential oil aromatherapy can be an effective way to improve attention, focus, and alertness. Essential oil inhalation is said to improve focus and attention, reduce stress and anxiety, and keep you awake, energized, and attentive. Some essential oils have a direct effect on strengthening focus and concentration, while others have an indirect effect by reducing stress, anxiety, and other unpleasant emotions that are regulated by the limbic system, which in turn improves brain health. 

Chapter Ten is about visualization in mental development. Both the technological and psychological approaches to visualization can be used. About four computer-based visualization methods are available now, according to technology: scientific, product, graphic, and music. In psychology, there are two kinds mental and physical. Athletes often use computerized imagery for their training and one of the benefits of computerized imagery is that while the images are created by computer software, your body is relaxed.  Chapter eleven teaches how meditation works for mind stimulation. 

How to Improve Memory- The Ultimate Mind Power Manual Full Book Pdf Download by Success Sculpting Coach

Chapter twelve is about image streaming. It is a method of exploring and studying mental images. Just need each of your senses to describe a situation in as much detail as you can. Transmit it verbally. You’ll see more as you describe the image and describe more as you see more. Dr. Wenger created a model of it. Chapter thirteen discusses speed reading. Speed reading is more than just reading quickly. It also has to do with how much of what you read thereafter you can recall. Instead of focusing on identifying individual words, speed reading involves quickly recognizing and taking in sentences/phrases on a page all at a glance. The book also includes several speed-reading courses and methods.  

Chapter fourteen recalls the great thinkers as Darwin, Gandhi, and Socrates and their journey. All these have been more theoretical, so the last chapter has worksheets of exercises (of various durations) to practice. Some are directly taken and some are formulated by experts, There are several links to websites that can help one remember things better. The author discusses the history of individuals we consider “masterminds,” the structure of the brain, and the best meals to eat and also gives a disclaimer that says you must use your brain every day to enhance it, so it won’t happen just by reading the book once. Get a powerful reading today.

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