I Too Had a Love Story Pdf Download by Ravinder Singh

This is one of the popular national bestseller books in the category of romance in 2008. This is an English autobiographical novel which wins lots of hearts from all over the world. This is a debut novel by the author Ravinder Singh. The biggest fact about this book is it is listed in the list of top-selling books in India even after 6 years of its first publication. 

If you are a book lover and in search of some beautiful novel in the niche of falling love then you are in the right place. This book will be the best choice for all teenagers and adults who want to understand love and relationship with the story of tragedy.

This novel is written by Ravinder Singh, as his first novel and he got a huge success in the writing field with this book. In this book you get answers to questions like – Do love stories die? Can these morden world electronic gadgets bring real love to life? In this book, you meet a guy who commits to marrying a girl he hasn’t met earlier but calls it to love marriage, why?

Name I Too Had a Love Story
AuthorRavinder Singh
PublisherPenguin Random House India

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I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh Pdf Download.

 The story becomes more exciting when you understand what if on your engagement day you pull the ring out from your pocket and realize what you planned was just a dream which never comes true. How would you react and what does this guy do. How a beautiful person comes into your life, and becomes your most precious possession and then disappeared anywhere for forever.

This book is based on not all love stories having a perfect ending but you love the ending. More simply you get to know about Ravin’s love story which is so innocent and beautiful story. And how he started believing that love stories will seldom die.

This is a story of Ravin and Khushi and this novel starts with a reunion in Kolkata of Ravin where he planning for marriage in the future and that’s why register in shaadi.com and soon he gets one girl named Khusi and when both start talking with each other they become good friends and want to proceed this relationship into marriage.

 Ravin gets a chance to visit the US from his company and even during his stay in the US he connects with Khushi. After sometimes when they confirm then they decide to get married. The engagement day was fixed on 14th Feb 2007. The reason for this date of engagement is because Khushi became girlfriend of Ravin on Valentine day and she wants to be a fiance of Ravin on the same day.

But just before the engagement, Khushi meets with a road accident and she will be hospitalized in a critical condition. This situation will break Ravin and after different medical attempts, Khushi dies after a few days. After that the novel ends with the narration of the current condition of Ravin’s life, he feels that his life become meaningless.

I Too Had a Love Story Full Book Pdf Download.

The story teaches us how to make a relationship more strong with time and how life is so unpredictable. This story revolves around a cute love story and emotional end which brings a drop of water into your eyes.

After my experience, it doesn’t matter what your age is but the relationship is very important in everyone’s life and this book teaches us how to manage a relationship. You also get to know about how life is unpredictable and you can do anything about it. So, this book also teaches you how to live every moment of life.

This is one of the best books which has the potential to win your heart by bringing a smile and tear both at the same time. So, all ages people must try to read this book. Now, just buy and stick with this book.

Hope you read all the information which given in this article about I Too Had a Love Story and you understand why this book is popular and become India’s best seller for 6 years and how this book won lots of hearts. So, share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below.

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