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Idaho is a family novel written by Emily Ruskovich. The novel in Idaho covers events related to memory and forgiveness. While writing this novel, the author has also tried to show many fragmented chapters, most of which are seen from 1973 to 2025. There are also some stories in this novel whose meaning is very difficult to understand because some things have been written fictionally. In this novel there lives a man named Wade Mitchell who works as a knife maker. Wade Mitchell lives in a Ponderosa town of Idaho. When Wade Mitchell was 19 years old, he meets a girl on the farm and since then both of them have a strong friendship, after which gradually the relationship of these people comes to marriage and after some time these two gets married.  After getting married, the place of both of them was in the newly wed Camus Prairie, where these people had spent their childhood.

Wade Mitchell’s father’s name is Adam, and his father, Adam, already has dementia, that Wade Mitchell’s future is going to be pretty much inevitable. It is in 1973 when Wade Mitchell’s father Adam dies, mainly because he lost his way as he was traveling to his home and Adam died on the road. After Adam’s death, Wade Mitchell feels very sad and remains depressed for several days, after which Wade Mitchell begins his new life with his wife Jenny and wants to give birth to a child but is unable to do so. Wade Mitchell fails because despite trying for 10 years, he doesn’t get a child. Wade Mitchell and his wife leave their hometown and move to Mount Iris and try to find a way to conceive and they have a child.

Name Idaho
AuthorEmily Ruskovich
PublisherRandom House

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Idaho by Emily Ruskovich Pdf Download

When Adam dies, the father’s shadow is lifted from Wade Mitchell’s head and then the door of his fate is also closed. When Wade Mitchell goes to his house, he learns that the landlord has taken away all his property. Now Wade Mitchell had neither a house to live nor any food to eat, so he leaves there and starts going towards the mountain, where there is a lot of cold weather and those people have to escape from the cold. There is no warm clothes to wear. When Wade Mitchell has walked a distance of 6 miles, a market appears there and Wade Mitchell asks his wife to stay there and then Wade Mitchell leaves from that place. After waiting for a long time, Jenny starts feeling bored there and she starts getting restless, then she starts checking Adam’s luggage where she finds a picture in which a photo of a little girl is kept.

In a picture of Adam there is a little girl living in the neighborhood and he had misconceptions about his children and about his wife and sick daughter because when Adam sent $10,000 on June to take care of these people then they were sent thinking that in their absence they could repay this money. Wade Mitchell’s wife Jenny tells him to write a letter to June for money, but to the effect of this, June does not respond. Wade Mitchell has a different story in which he is upset that his father keeps on wasting his money in vain. Wade Mitchell was troubled by the wasteful expenditure of money, but even more trouble was that his father did not consider Wade Mitchell as his own and reacted like an unknown and he remembers a girl from childhood time. Wade Mitchell’s wife Jenny gives birth to a baby girl and she names that child Lily, but Wade Mitchell does not like the name and names his child June, which binds him to some memories.

Idaho Full Book Pdf Download by Emily Ruskovich

Happiness started coming again in Wade Mitchell’s life and in this his wife Jenny was also supporting him a lot. There was a time when after the death of Wade Mitchell’s father, his life went into a lot of darkness and he had to face a lot of difficulties in his life but slowly everything turned right and he achieved everything in his life. Done, now Wade Mitchell starts a new life together with his wife Jenny and gives birth to two daughters, after which the whole family leaves that place to live on Mount Iris. Wade Mitchell has two daughters, one daughter’s name is May and the other daughter’s name is June. Wade begins to pass Mitchell’s life with his family and guard the mountain properties on all sides. It is a matter of 1994, when Wade Mitchell’s daughters grow up, then those girls start taking great interest in boys and the older girl who lives in both the girls falls in love with a boy named Eliot. When June visits Eliot, she takes a knife from her father as a gift.

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