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Ikigai is a Japanese notion that translates to “your purpose for existing.” Japanese words for “life” and “value” include “iki” and “gai.” Your ikigai is your true calling or your pleasure. It’s what makes you happy and motivates you to get up of bed every morning. Although there is no precise translation into English, this word captures the notion of having a happy life. 

The wonderful book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life is a wonderful place to begin learning about and embracing the Japanese concept of ikigai for yourself or your clients.  Beginning this entertaining book, Héctor Garca and Francesc Miralles describe how the concept for it began to take shape during numerous encounters in a small Tokyo bar. 

The book highlights that many folks have an older-than-real appearance. Stress is the primary factor in accelerated ageing, according to several studies. Stress is a major contributor to health problems. The existential quandary, which is common in contemporary culture where individuals behave what others demand them to do instead of as they desire to do, is another factor in ageing quickly. These people are dissatisfied with their lives, lose their sense of purpose, and become emotionally numb. Finding our ikigai is crucial so that, even when our ‘formal’ professional activity has finished, we continue to do activities that make us feel good and worthwhile and improve the environment around us. 

BookIkakai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life
AuthorHector Garcia
PublisherRandom House UK

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Ikakai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia Pdf Download

Ogimi, a rural community also called as the Village of Longevity, is located on Okinawa’s northern coast. People with the greatest average lifespan in the globe live there. On this island, people adhere to the ethos of ichariba chode, which translates as “treat everyone as a brother, regardless of whether you’ve met them.” As a result, they have no ill will toward anyone. Helping one another comes easily to inhabitants since they are trained in yuimaaru (teamwork) from a young age. Moai is a loose association of individuals who support one another and share interests. To ensure the operation of the group and their mental and financial stability, members of a moai contribute a certain amount each month.

Mens sans in corpore sano, or a sound mind in a sound body. As crucial as physical exercise is mental exercise. Playing games, engaging with others, and learning something new every day are all crucial mental anti-aging techniques. 

Take steps to lessen your stress. Sitting a much will make you older. A philosophy that aids in determining the purpose of life is known as logotherapy. The main message is that a person might lose everything but the ability to decide how they would react in any given circumstance. The purpose of our lives is something we find, not something we make. We all have a purpose for existing, which changes frequently over time. We are all capable of both good and bad deeds. Our choices, not the circumstances we are in, determine which side of the coin we are on. 

Accepting your feelings is the main goal of Morita treatment. Find your purpose in life by doing what you ought to be doing. Naikan meditation: This form of treatment teaches us to accept responsibility for our actions. The Flow, in which we have all experienced our time sense vanishing, is another form of ikakai. when we become so engrossed in what we love to do that we temporarily put our troubles aside. 

Flow management Select a fairly tough task, set specific, measurable goals, and concentrate on the process; focusing on a single job and more control on self-activities. Aikigai diet .Hara hachi bu: Stuff your stomach to 80%. The traditional knowledge of the Okinawans discourages overeating. Consume a wide range of foods. It seems that variety is the key. Consume 5 servings or more of fruits and vegetables daily. Every day, Okinawans consume at least 7 different kinds of produce. Their diet is based primarily on grains (White rice basically). They eat sugar infrequently and only cane sugar when they do. The most active individuals do not necessarily live the longest. Exercise while being conscious of your breathing. 

Ikakai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Pdf Download by Hector Garcia

Create additional possibilities; Bet cautiously in some areas while taking several little chances in others to increase your antifragility. Remove the factors that make you vulnerable. Ten ikigai rules: Keep working; don’t stop ,Take your time ,Keep your stomach empty. Be surrounded by dependable pals. Become more fit before your next birthday , Reconnect with nature. Live in the moment . Smile ,Be grateful. Follow your ikikai. The books additionally advices, The secret to happiness is to rejoice every day with your loved ones in your spiritual traditions. Be merrily busy, but never hurried. The three main components of happiness in this lifetime are action, love, and hope. 

Maintain your friendships every day: The key to living a long life is to communicate daily with the individuals you cherish. 

Doing a variety of things every day. Maintaining constant activity while focusing on one task at a time to avoid overload 

Engage in activities that will assist you to unwind. Be optimistic. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and happy Life is A remarkable attempt has been made to teach the idea of ikigai to the west and the rest of the globe. Start reading and get your ikigai today.

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