Indian Polity Pdf Download By Laxmikant 6th edition

A foreign company comes to our country.  The first goal of those people was to do business. First they come to India from the point of view of doing business, then they win in the wars they do with the kings of local areas, whether it is the battle of Plassey or the battle of Buxar. After that they start getting political powers. After acquiring political power or where the company was, the parliament of that company makes some laws to regulate this company. While gradually regulating these companies, she directly takes over the entire political powers of India.

But after the revolution of 1857, they get a full chance that they should be established on the political power of India and they use it in their own way by taking all the political power of India under their control. Now the political system of the nation goes in their hands and they used to make rules according to their advantage. Earlier there was a monarchy system in India, in which the appointment of kings was hereditary, but the people of the company remove it and implement the law system in a new way. Gradually we start getting into this law and order system and then the politicians of our country also thought that this method is also good to run the country. They thought that if you want a democratic form of government, then you have to know the political law and order.

Gradually, political consciousness is born in India. A long battle is fought by the political leadership here and then India gets independence. After India got independence, all the Braveheart who led India together form a meeting in which a new law and order system is created for the country.

Name Indian Polity

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Indian Polity By Laxmikant 6th edition Pdf Download

All the patriots who liberated the country together created a law system for India, which is called the Indian Constitution. It has been written in this constitution that how the country is to be run and what kind of law and order should be in our country. The law system of our country is one of the best law systems in the world because when law and order was being made in our country, then the law and order of all the big countries was brought to the fore, then the good things that were good among them were they  Which made the law and order system of our country the most unique.

The Constitution of India is such a book that there are rules in which there is law and how the law and order system in India will be governed, all these questions have been given in detail. The Constitution of India may have been completed or came into force in India in 1950, but in reality this constitution is the beginning or we can, this subject begins with the Regulating Act of 1963, through which the Parliament of Britain can control the political powers here.  Regulates the handling company.

Indian Polity By Laxmikant 6th edition full book Pdf Download

In 1773, the Parliament of Britain made some changes in the companies here and that was the change which made the post of a Governor General in Bengal. Earlier Bengal was ruled by commercial powers, but ever since the post of a Governor General was created in Bengal, the trade in Bengal was accounted for by these governors. The Governor who became the Governor of Bengal in 1773 becomes the Governor General of the whole of India in 1833. In 1558, he is made the Viceroy of India, here the word Viceroy was used because he was now sent entirely by Parliament from Britain. The same person when our constitution comes into force after 1950, then he becomes the President of India.

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