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Colleen Hoover is a very famous author who wrote many books related to romantic adults. His highest quality book is It Ends With Us. This is a fictional story, everything told in this story is based on true events. Colleen Hoover wrote this story at the age of 42. This book is the most popular book by Colleen Hoover, which tells about Struggle. Below we would like to tell this story in short form, by reading which you can understand the summary of the whole story. 

Colleen Hoover wrote this novel in 2016 This novel is very romantic.  This novel is about Lily Bloom who is very romantic. The story begins with the story of how Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid romance each other. Ryle Kincaid ends up moving into an abusive home and falling into a bad relationship when he meets Lily Bloom. 

Now we move on in this story, starting the night with Lily’s life. Boston is the name of a place where Leli lives with her friend.  Lily’s father had died and she had also properly performed the last rites of her father. After this he cleaned his house and sanctified it and also sanctified his mind.  During Lily’s lifetime, she meets a man who is a surgeon named Kincaid. 

Lily and Kincaid meet each other in the second half of the novel. From here it becomes clear that now both of them will be talking about relationship but it was not so that both of them had different opinion about relationship. Lily used to live alone in her house and she was thinking about marriage, but Kincaid was not thinking about marriage, he just wanted a casual relationship. Due to their differing opinions, they get away from each other, after which Lily looks for a relationship. It Ends With Us Pdf Download

Name It Ends With Us
AuthorColleen Hoover
PublisherAtria Books

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It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover Pdf Download

After a meeting, Lily and Ryle are separated from each other, but after a few days they meet again. The attraction between Lily and Ryle started to grow but Lily was not able to pay much attention because Lily knew that he would not marry us. Ryle had a younger sister named Alisha. When Lily meets Alyssa, she hires him to work in her house. Lily thinks about her past and starts feeling sad. After the death of Lily’s father, all the desires of his life were lost. 

It Ends With Us Full book Pdf Download

Now Lily and Ryle were beginning to understand each other and the attraction between these people also increased more than before. Lily and Ryle also started taking time out for each other and went to visit new places. Seeing the relationship between these two, it seemed as if both of them were husband and wife. All this was made possible because of Ryle’s sister Alyssa, because of Alyssa, Lily kept visiting Ryle’s house. Lily and Alyssa were very close to each other, they both talked like friends.It Ends With Us Pdf Download

Once Ryle arrives at Lily’s house, Ryle talks to Lily’s mother about his relationship with Lily’s mother while having dinner, and then Atlas arrives, whom Lily starts running towards to meet him. Lily and Atlas were like best friends but Lily had not seen Atlas for 9 years. Now the happiness between Lily and Ryle begins to end. Once Lily and Ryle meet in the evening after taking out time for each other and then ends up injuring Ryl. After this, Lily and Ryle start moving away from each other and the love between these people also starts decreasing. Lily now meets Atlas and Lily is overjoyed to meet Atlas.

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