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Sexuality is an intrinsic part of being a human being. Affection and sexual intimacy confer healthier relationships and thus better living. Written centuries ago, Kamasutra is believed to be one of the best books for sexual guidance. The Sanskrit philosopher Vatsyayana is said to have penned the Kama Sutra, which is widely considered the best manual for sexual behavior, somewhere between the first and sixth century AD. The explorer, author, and multilingual Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890) retitled the poem The Aphorisms of Love when he translated it into English for the first time in 1883. The phrase’s two components, “Kama” and “Sutra,” respectively, denote “desire/love/pleasure/sex” and treatise”. 

The first volume of the seven-book Kama Sutra outlines broad concepts. Brahma, the Lord of Beings, established dharma, Artha, and Kama-related laws for existence when he first made men and women. The Kama is the enjoyment of the five senses, dharma is the performance of one’s duty is one’s earthly lifetime, and Artha is the amassing of financial prosperity. The Kama Sutra seeks to lead people in the level of sexual satisfaction and the fulfillment of love, although many people prefer to downplay the significance of Kama. The Kama is frequently employed incorrectly, causing an excessive emphasis on its Artha and Dharma, even though Artha and dharma are more significant than the Kama. According to the Kama Sutra, women should also study the Kama alongside males. The arts and sciences, particularly those arts that complement the Kama Sutra, should be well understood by women. There is a comprehensive collection of female-friendly arts, including erudite hobbies, practical sports, sorcery magic, and aphrodisiacs. 

Name Kamasutra
AuthorMallinaga Vatsyayana
PublisherMittal Publishing

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Kamasutra by Mallinaga Vatsyayana Pdf Download

The size of a man’s lingam (or phallus) determines which of three groups he belongs to hare, horse, or bull. The size of a woman’s yoni (or genitalia) determines whether she belongs in the deer, mare, or elephant category. A man’s lingam must be the same size as his partner’s yoni for their union to be equal. When a union is equitable, a man and a woman can start engaging in the 64 types of sexual union known as Chatus-Shasti to experience a pleasure. The Alinganam, or embrace, is the first posture, and the Adhoratam, or anal congress, is the last. Which Chatus-Shasti is conducted, according to the author, depends on “each individual’s preference, the generation of friendship, love, and the respect provided to the lady.” 

The third volume talks about engagement and marriage. A man must take a virgin maid or Kanya to arrange a marriage, and both families should be enlisted to help. It should also be confirmed by astrologers whether the union is fortunate. The newlywed husband and wife should refrain from sexual gratification for the initial three days following marriage. The man should increase the female’s self-assurance and gradually expose her to the potential for sexual pleasure. The male should continue to boost her confidence over ten days until she is completely open and fearless of sexual contact. A guy must learn to read a girl’s body language to know when she is not just ready for a sexual encounter but also when her affection has grown to the point where he may exert his natural authority on her. 

The wife’s function is described in the fourth book. There are four different kinds of love: habitual love, imaginative love, mutual love as perceived by both partners, and undefined love that is known to the outer world. The primary responsibility of a woman is to manage a functional home that is well-maintained, clean, and self-sufficient. A woman’s responsibilities as a wife include providing her husband with nutritious meals, thus she must take these considerations into account. The male is permitted to take a bride, whom the former wife should care for as a daughter if the woman exhibits foolishness or ill-temper, is despised by her husband, is unable to have children, or frequently gives birth to daughters. 

The underlying differences between men and women are discussed in book five, and it is shown there is no specific reason why women fall in love more deeply than men do. The author outlines several techniques a guy might employ to win a woman’s heart, including employing friends as Dootis (or intermediaries) and acting boastfully before the woman to demonstrate his strength, uniqueness, or desirability. The man and woman must pay close attention to one other’s distinctive conduct to understand how to control and, most likely, alter their seduction. A monarch, however, is immune from this and may have as many wives as he desires without engaging in the seduction process. To add a woman to his royal court, he needs just have her abducted and imprisoned for fictitious reasons. 

Kamasutra Full Book Pdf Download by Mallinaga Vatsyayana

The courtesan, or Vaishika, is covered in the sixth book. According to the Kama Sutra, a courtesan is required to provide men company in times of need or to boost their esteem before they start looking for wives. Depending on their rank and status at birth, some women have birthed courtesans, and as long as one conducts herself with decency and decorum, being a courtesan is not stigmatized. To secure her safety, a courtesan must take care to entice appealing patrons, paramours, and protectors, but her top concern is making sure she picks patrons, reliable for financial support. A Vaishika must leave a man as soon as she senses his interest waning before he ends things on his own. 

The last book is a brief investigation of sexual mythology that provides both men and women with various methods for improving their physical attractiveness to increase their sexual allure. For the body, especially the genitalia, they include pastes, ointments, and oils. There are also recipes for natural cures for a variety of sexual problems, such as impotence, loss of sexual acuity, and others. Conclusively, success comes to a person who is clever and prudent and attends to Dharma, Artha, and Kama without becoming a slave to his desires. 

Kamasutra is more than educating people about various sexual practices it aimed to foster healthy relationships between partners and the productive utilization of sexual energy. The text has been misrepresented by many Western (and even some Indian) authors, translators, and commentators. The precepts of the Kamasutra, however, transcend well beyond sexuality if you dig deeper.

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