Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit in Hindi Pdf Download By Ashok Kumar Pandey 

The book examines the place of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir’s turbulent history, as well as the socio-political processes that led to the establishment of Islam in Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandit conversions and psycho-social formation, and the contrasts between Muslims and Pandits there. as a result of this, there are a lot of complicated interactions between people. At the same time, the book highlights the conflicts that arose during the independence fight and shaped the tense relations between Kashmir, Jammu, and the rest of India in independent India, as well as Pandit-Muslim relations within the Kashmir Valley. This book develops communication with both displaced Pandits and Kashmiri Pandits who never left Kashmir, and aims to see Kashmir through the lens of their present and future. tries. This is the first book to tell the story of Pandits in Kashmir, both before and after Article 370 was repealed, for which the author travelled to several sections of Kashmir and spoke with Pandit families extensively. Download Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit pdf

Following up on “Kashmirnama,” the author has written yet another well-researched masterpiece. “Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandit” delves at the plight of Kashmiri pandits during the course of Kashmir’s history.

Every ruler who set foot in Kashmir or ruled is mentioned in the book. This book is a complete account of the exodus based on published facts. Finally, the author has provided snatches of his conversations with residents who remained in the state after 1990. It is beneficial to consider the situation from the perspective of a Kashmiri local.

The New Released The Kashmir files movie is totally based on this novel and true story of the Kashmir valley.

Name Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit
AuthorAshok Kumar Pandey
PublisherRajkamal Prakashan

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Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit Pdf Download By Ashok Kumar Pandey

We, who live far away from Kashmir, accept whatever we hear on social media, such as that Kashmir is now devoid of any pandits, that all temples have been dismantled, and that all sites with Hindu names have been renamed. The author has blasted them with fact-based material such as images of large temples, neighbourhoods with Hindu names, and interviews with local pandits. The author does not say that temple attacks never occurred or that names did not change, but he does not exaggerate the situation.

In such a case, he quotes three to four notable authors and then analyses their preconceptions to determine who is expressing it honestly and who is biased.

 He has attempted to maintain a balanced stance throughout the book. When he discusses the situation from the perspective of a Muslim, though, his socialist ideology is evident. He appears biassed at times and tries to downplay the gravity of the situation. It is a bold and courageous attempt to tell the true tale of Kashmiri Pandits and how their position deteriorated to the point of flight. Download Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit: Basne Aur Bikharne Ke 1500 Saal pdf.


Kashmir Aur Kashmiri Pandit Full Book Pdf Download 

Those who have read “Kashmirnama” may notice many parallels between the two. The focus of this work, however, is solely on the account of the migration. Allow yourself to be unconcerned about minor annoyances or inconveniences. You can’t get rid of everything that bothers you, and the time you spend thinking about these issues hinders you from focusing on the essential things. Anyone bored of shrieking matches on Indian TV networks concerning the past and future of Kashmiri Pandits should read this book. Mr Pandey uses them to teach Kashmir’s history and politics. His parallel of the valley’s Muslims to Dalits in the rest of India is his solitary triumph in destroying popular binaries. He uses this to emphasize their backwardness in spite of their overwhelming numerical advantage. This is part of his effort to find a source of conflicts other than religion, and it’s pretty convincing.  

This is not the book for someone who wants to hold the Muslims in the valley responsible for the Pandit migration. Readers pick up this book because they enjoy reading about politics and history, and how regular individuals making everyday decisions alter the path of both. It dissects everything from the Mughals to the accession of J&K to India, and from Sheikh Abdullah to terrorism. The entire epic story of Kashmiri Pandits relative to Kashmir has been written as a complete book in 400 pages. There is no boredom felt anywhere in this book written with excellent flow. After reading the whole thing – there is a lot of “achievement” on Kashmir too. The author does not appear to be bending to any ideological goal and offers a picture of the Kashmir issue against a backdrop of religious tensions, political turmoil, and class divisions occurring both inside and outside the valley. 

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