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A woman’s genuine beauty is mirrored in her soul, not in her face mole. And to uplift her soul, there is a remarkable book as “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur. Rupi Kaur says the idea for her novel, Milk and Honey, came to her on the day she was born in 1992. During the genocide, the community in which she grew up in India suffered a tremendous deal of sorrow and suffering, which had a significant impact on her parents and the manner of her upbringing. 

‘Milk and Honey’ were motivated by a poem Rupi penned in 2012, in which she utilized the metaphor of ‘milk and honey’ to depict the fortitude and endurance of Sikh widows who survived the 1984 Sikh carnage. 

Milk and Honey is a book about women’s everyday lives, capturing both the lovely and the terrible aspects of being a woman. The suffering, the breaking, the affection, and the mending are the four chapters of the collection, each dealing with a different type of experience and pain. Kaur tackles a woman’s body education and how awful it may feel when she finds her body isn’t always her own in the hurting. It’s about falling for a man, but it’s also about falling in love with yourself. One could feel the agony and misery of falling out of love, of stubbornly clutching to something that has already passed you by. 

In the face of brutality, rape, love, grief, and femininity, Kaur speaks about surviving and how important it is to survive. The fact that she writes with such exquisite nuance and elegance on such difficult issues is particularly noteworthy. 

Name Milk And Honey
AuthorRupi Kaur
PublisherSimon & Schuster

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Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur Pdf Download

Kaur breaks the work into 4 phases that parallel the poet’s cure: aching, 1. loving, 2. breaking, and 3. healing. In the part “the Hurting,” Kaur delves into the concept of otherness within oneself, how one cannot be at ease in one’s skin, and how so many experiences confirm that being a woman is undesired and strange. Trauma from drunken family members, assault, and rape mold the poet’s tumultuous mind, creating a sense of unease and perplexity on every page. This befuddlement stems from her inability to comprehend both her position in the world and her interactions with others. 

When the poet was a youngster, she remembers her father putting the word hush across her mom’s lips and humiliating her into quiet at the dinner table. These acts of apparently casual assault educate the poet that women are not permitted to speak unless they are granted permission by others. 

Kaur is not yet confident in herself, even in the passages “the loving” and “the shattering.” The poet remains to battle with her self-worth, relying on others to provide her with power. She is devoured by the concept of love with an unknown partner in “the loving.” 

The healing part focuses mostly on rehabilitation, with a special insistence on self-love and self-fulfillment that one must begin a relationship with herself preceding anybody else, the experienced narrator now understands. 

Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur Pdf Download

All chapters have their purpose. The first part teaches a woman to voice out the wrong taking place with them and stand up for themselves even if their close ones hush you or pull you down. In the second part, Kaur came to realize the real sense of love as she grew older. Although her trauma posed substantial difficulties at first, she was able to overcome them thanks to her realization of the strength of moms and her first important relationship. In the third part, she faces a breakup and She struggled with her confused emotions and attempted to hang on to the self-worth she’d managed to develop in the aftermath of the breakup. And in the fourth part herself love has not only mended her wounds but also helped her to move on. 

Kaur’s poetry is short and snappy, with few lines and a staccato style. Every phrase is sincere and evocative. In each poem, she communicates a piercing truth while still allowing you space and time to comprehend it. 

Milk and honey,  is written in the manner of “confessional poetry.” Kaur does not capitalize the beginning words of her lines or phrases, and she employs punctuation sparingly, frequently skipping commas and periods altogether. She has employed the first, second, and third person. 

The usage of the second person point of view is a tactic Kaur employs to elicit an emotional reaction from her audience, immersing them in the feelings and emotions Kaur is interested in. 

This compilation of poems and prose is very raw. It expresses the unsaid sentiments of various ladies. Every drop of emotion that ever passed through the poet’s veins and pens can be felt. This is a book recommended to all women.

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