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Every life is difficult, and every mind is a realm of mysteries…good books celebrate the enigma of everyday existence and one such good book is the “Nine Lives To Live” by Rita Mae Brown. It’s December in Crozet, Virginia, and the snowstorms have started early and are continuing this year. Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen and her friends are ensuring that every one of the area’s poor people receives some much-needed Christmas happiness in the form of food and clothing in a holiday package.   From Miranda Hogendobber’s charismatic Church of the Holy Light to, Harry’s mainline Episcopalian all the churches band together to give lists of those in need. It’s encouraging to see so many religious organizations doing good. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Annual fundraising galas are another end-of-year activity. The Silver Linings child sports group, a camp for troubled teenagers, has always been a worthy cause. But Then bodies start showing up. And severed human fingers from those victims appear in unexpected locations, such as a pencil jar in a bookkeeper’s office and another pair strung like a Christmas tree ornament.

When local deputy Cooper responds to a report from a motorist, she finds Charlene’s husband Pete dead — and missing two fingers. While it was initially misdiagnosed as a heart attack, the authorities later discovered it was a murder. The authorities are taken aback when another man goes missing and is found dead in the same manner. In a short time, two men, Pete Vavilov and Lou Higham are discovered dead in their automobiles. The fact that both men’s index and middle fingers had been removed led the sheriff’s department to assume homicide. The sheriff’s office has kept one minor detail hidden: each man got two fingers amputated. Later, two fingers are discovered in the parish office, which has three checks missing.

Name Nine Lives To Live
AuthorRita Mae Brown

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Nine Lives To Live By Rita Mae Brown Pdf Download

The introduction of a new animal, Odin the coyote, who is so thankful for the winter food left out for him by Harry’s animals that he repays the favor by pointing the dogs and cats to a skeleton on their property. When Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker (two cats and a dog) come upon a coyote carrying a skeleton human limb, they manage to capture a lovely gold bracelet that falls off it. This will be their Christmas present for Mary Minor Haristeen, their “Mom.” 

Except that when Harry and Deputy Cooper arrive at the burial location, the bones have vanished! However, uncovering a 25-year-old mystery isn’t a priority now that two senior Silver Linings leaders have died of natural circumstances. 

The rest of the skeleton is discovered among the roots of a knocked-over walnut tree. They manage to attract Harry (Mary Minor) and her husband, Fair, who drove up the mountain in response to Tucker’s barking and the coyote’s howling. They find what used to be an alive, breathing person – and a mystery that’s been hidden for 25 years – after the coyote informs them where the remainder of the bones are.

Harry figures out how these events are related and a love triangle is revealed. Ms. Brown said that Harry was named after her, Harriet Haristeen, in the opening few chapters. What!!??? Mary Minor Haristeen is her full name. She was given the name Harry either because she wanted to be a pet as a youngster or because she was always “Hairy” while playing with animals.

Because the concept of a “cozy” mystery is not to smack the reader over the head with social justice concerns, author Brown takes a tortuous way but ends up with a book that deals with bullying, addiction, mental health, and poverty issues. She writes a novel that will appeal to fans of the four-footed talking detectives while also addressing societal issues. Given that this is the series’ 22nd installment, one has to question the number of murders occurring in a community of 5,500 people.

Nine Lives To Live Full Book Pdf Download By Rita Mae Brown

The pencil sketches strewn throughout the book are delightful. The lovely countryside near Charlottesville, VA, delightful talking pets, and caring friends promotes a pleasant and cozy book, despite Ms. Brown’s imaginary community of Crozet seeming to endure multiple quantities of neighborly murders. The reader is left hopeful for the welfare of mankind and the balance of adult people with mostly subtle messages on the worth of kindness, love, hope, and faith.

Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie create an intriguing mystery that links together contemporary killings with an unresolved missing person’s cold case. Harry, along with her feline and canine companions, is right in the middle of things and won’t stop until they receive some answers. This well-written mystery is one of Brown’s best works, and cozy aficionados will not be disappointed. It has a sprinkle of comedy as well as some other intriguing facts and raises some important sociological themes. The reader is transported to small-town life, where everyone knows one another and help is only a call away. All of this makes the reader nostalgic for former days or a life spent in a nice place.

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