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November 9 is one of the best and most unique romantic novels written by Colleen Hoover. In this novel, there is a boyfriend named Ben and a girlfriend named Fallon, people who had a very deep love but these people met only once a year, that too on November 9, that’s why the author named this novel November 9 kept. In this novel, you get to see the main example of Love is Blind because in this story both the lovers who are girlfriends, of them love each other very much even after staying away from each other and get so lost in each other that  They lose themselves too.

November 9 is the day when Ben and Fallon meet each other at a restaurant and a friendly relationship develops at the same time. Ben is a writer by profession and his friend, Fallon, is a television heroine, and Fallon is very fond of reading books and reading Nobel, she gets excited about any article.

When Fallon meets Ben, she befriends Ben, but Fallon is an open-minded girl and wants to lead a free life, due to which she starts roaming around the country the very next day. Fallon wants to be independent for 5 years now and when she turns 23, she will think about her relationship. That’s why when Fallon meets Ben, she wants to befriend him and have a relationship with him, but she only goes to meet him on November 9. These two used to meet only in an interval of 1 year and apart from this, there was no contact between these people.

This book is mainly told about a fixed date in which Ben and Fallon used to meet each other and these people meet each other on this day every year. Colleen has written this book very deeply, which gives great pleasure to read and Colleen is such a writer whose long articles can be read without distraction because their style of writing was completely different.

BookNovember 9 PDF
AuthorColleen Hoover
PublisherSimon & Schuster

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November 9 By Colleen Hoover Pdf Download

The book tells Fallon what a girl needs to find herself while she should live happily ever after in her life because she feels safe if a man leaves the house to search for something. But if a girl comes out of the house, then many challenges may come her way. When a boy goes out somewhere, he has to be confused about the consequences of the seasons, but if a girl goes out of the house, she cannot play with the strong sunlight and changing effects of the weather, which means that girl can have a lot of problems.

This book shows that Ben and Fallon’s love story had a lot of distance, but Ben also had some faults in it because when Fallon gave any advice to maintain their relationship, Ben would not listen to it and was taken by Fallon. There used to be a lot of distance in their relationship in the initial days, but later the distance between the two was reduced and both of them started living together but at the very end of the story, there was some resentment in their relationship.

The author of this book, Colleen Hoover, always liked to write books with romantic stories, that is why he made most of the stories in his life romantic way and the book written by him should be read only by adult people. The gist of this book is that you can love anyone, I mean that in order to love, it is not necessary that that person should be with you. Love means the union of two hearts, if you love someone, then you have to show it to him, it is not necessary because love is a story of two hearts, which we can be happy even by thinking in our mind and thinking about it, we can improve our life too.

Conclusion of November 9 Full Book Pdf Download By Colleen Hoover

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article very much, in which I have tried to write well about the book of 9 November Pdf and can tell in brief about the things which have been mentioned in it. If you read this book, then you get to see many types of expressions in it, in this story you also get to see romance and heartbreak and even after that you get to see many types of emotions. Fillings are visible. When you start reading this book, in the beginning, you see the pleasant parts of it, but when you start reading and moving towards the end, then you may have to see a little sad part in the story as well. We have told you about this book, in brief, if you want to read this book, then you can buy it online from any website and read it and enjoy from this book.

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