One Arranged Murder Pdf Download By Chetan Bhagat

Any novel may create excitement, tension, exhilaration, and curiosity, but thriller authors are experts at keeping readers engaged since these are the major aims of the thriller genre. If you are not in a mood for a roller coaster ride, or an on-the-go kind of reader, a light thriller such as Chetan Bhagat’s “One Arranged Murder” is great for you. According to Chetan Bhagat, this is something we can accomplish with limited movement when under lockdown. He can’t hold a formal book launch, but video consumption, whether on Instagram or YouTube, is the way to go especially among the youth and if he wants people to read a book, he needs to provide them with an engaging medium. It’s his method of linking the worlds of video and books. The novel is Bhagat’s continuation to “The Girl in Room 105”. Westland published the book on September 28, 2020.

Name One Arranged Murder
AuthorChetan Bhagat

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One Arranged Murder By Chetan Bhagat Pdf Download

 Keshav and Saurabh are best buddies, coworkers, flatmates, and co-founders of a detective firm. They’re the same folks from “The Girl in Room 105,” the novel. However, Keshav and Saurabh aren’t speaking because of Keshav’s propensity of fat-shaming Saurabh’s fiancée, Prerna. Keshav constantly finds an excuse to criticize Prerna’s size.

In contrast, Prerna and Saurabh are a corny and romantic couple. They are undoubtedly more in love than any planned couple. Prerna chooses to fast for Saurabh on Karva Chauth. When Saurabh arrived, he discovered Prerna had died from a fall from the terrace. Saurabh suspected it was a murder and started investigating through the A-Z detective business (which he and Keshav jointly owned) to look into it. They went to Prerna’s house and were initially skeptical about Prerna’s uncle Aditya. But the next day, he, too, was discovered dead. They were booted out of Prerna’s house, but they discovered a secret: Anjali and Prerna are the daughters of Bindu.

Because Bindu lacked the maturity to care for her children, Ramesh uncle took Prerna and handed Anjali to Geetu. Because Saurabh had Prerna’s email account, they learned that Ramesh uncle had obtained a loan for their auto showroom and needed money from Prerna, which she had not delivered to Ramesh uncle. However, the tale took a turn when Keshav justified his love for Anjali by telling her to see his entire family, and by that time Ramesh uncle had obtained bail through his political clout. They told Prerna that they had found the true criminal and that Ramesh uncle didn’t need to be in jail. Then, because Anjali was the true offender, Keshav requested her to recount the whole episode of Prerna’s killing. The love bite in Keshav’s chest was identical to the love bite found in Aditya’s chest when they discovered his corpse. Then Anjali told the story of how she traveled from Seattle to Gurgaon on Karva Chauth eve and pushed Prerna off the terrace. She also stated that she did all of this because of the differences between her and Prerna’s lives.

The novel contains all of the elements of a traditional masala drama. There are romances, comedies, murders, action, adventure, family conflict, friendships, and light-hearted banter in this film. It features a large Indian joint family that appears picture perfect on the surface but is full of secrets and scheming individuals on the inside. Chetan Bhagat proposes a new way of narrating stories. He uses various novel forms to break up the monotony of the first-person narrative. After the early police investigations, for example, he chooses to advance the plot ahead by incorporating recorded testimonials from associated persons.

One Arranged Murder By Chetan Bhagat Pdf Download

It is written in plain English language and the characters are relatable to several Indians…However, the Body shaming part could have been avoided.

The novel shows us

1) The distinction between normal sorrow and post-breakup depression

This is a critical issue that has to be acknowledged among millennials. In this tale, we may observe one of the characters, who is fooled by his guilt, stating, that she was depressed for six months after the breakup. Treatment was not required for the depression. She was, nonetheless, sad for ages. This is a typical blunder that almost everyone does these days. Normal grieving is misinterpreted as depression.

2) Misinterpretation of “Carpe Diem” in 21st Century

The essence of this narrative is the millennials’ mistranslation of such Latin phrase carpe diem, as well as their incorrect perception of it. We can see how this mistranslation inspired one of the novel’s key characters to the point of tattooing it on the side of his chest.

3) Real life’s Intellectualism

In today’s culture, especially for the erudite, the intricacies in the understanding of intellectualism and its negative consequence of single-mindedness of goal, generating emotional coldness, are crucial. Through this tale, the author effectively conveys the importance of being wary of intellectualism’s negative implications in our talks.

Chetan Bhagat continues to put numbers in naming his novels…Even though it might not be a mind-blowing literary piece for regular readers, it is a quick read on vacation kind. Irrespective of the climax, predictable by some, one can enjoy a lot of references to Indian places especially the eateries and the portrayal of the Punjabi family.

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