One Hundred Years of Solitude Pdf Download by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

One Hundred Years of Solitude This novel is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In this noble, the author narrates how a man spent many years with his family in a dense forest in Colombia.

In the city of Colombia lives a man named Jose Buendia, which is told in this novel. Once upon a time, when Jose Buendia was going to a meeting, he was being ridiculed a lot, at that time there was a cock fight going on and people were making fun of him by saying good and bad things about him. Seeing all this, Jose Buendia felt very bad because the people who made fun of him crossed all limits of jokes, they used to say that Jose Buendia is an impotent person and he does not have a penis. Then seeing all this, Jose Buendia gets so angry that he cannot control himself and starts killing the person who made fun of it the most andJose Buendiakills that person so much that that person  He dies there immediately.

Name One Hundred Years of Solitude
AuthorGabriel Garcia Marquez
PublisherPenguin India

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One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Pdf Download. 

When the joker dies, Jose Buendia thinks about running away with his wife because there was a threat to Jose Buendia’s life.  After this Jose Buendia comes to his wife. His wife’s name is Ursula who is asked to go with him and they both leave from there. They both walk through the night and find no place to stay but when it is too late they see a river where they go.

There is no place to stay but Jose Buendia sits there imagining that he has built his own city on this place. Then he shares what he thought with his wife and his wife also gives him full support. Then slowly, he builds a house there and with time his family starts growing, then he builds a small town and slowly starts increasing his family. 

When Jose and Ursula started their family in Macondo, they did not have any kind of sway from the outside world and they did not even know anyone there. With time, development was being done in the field of technology all over the country, but all these things were far from all these things and these people were not even aware of all these. Jose Buendia was the owner there and he used to take care of the people there. 

One Hundred Years of Solitude full Book Pdf Download.

Jose and Ursula also have children, of whom the eldest son is like his father, he seemed as serious as his father, but his younger son is very agile. There were many members in his family now but all the people had different temperament, some people were very calm and some people are very talkative.

After some time when some people of gypsy come to Macondo then these people of Macondo start looking very nice and then these people want to come here again and again. When the people of gypsy come to Macondo, they tell the people here about the technology.

The gypsy has a leader named Melquiades when it meets Jose, a member of Macondo, and befriends them. Both of them talk about many secrets, then Jose also starts telling the secret of his life openly. Initially, the friendship between these people had increased a lot, but later these people stopped meeting each other completely.

Now Jose started reading books related to life, death and witchcraft and started spending his time in all these books but gradually his mental balance deteriorated and it started going crazy.

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