One Up on Wall Street Pdf Download by Peter Lynch and John Rothchild

The One Up on Wall Street book talks about how to make investments related to the stock market and has been co-authored by Peter Lynch and John Rothschild. In this book, some challenges have been told, which if you know, then you can perform very well in the world of investment and with this, you can choose the best option in the stock market to invest. 

The author of this book has also been an investor and he shares his experience and says that buying or selling your shares for a company is not less than a job because you can earn a lot of money from the field of investment too. But in the field of investment, it is not necessary that you should get profit. Complete information is required about this.

When you read the book One Up on Wall Street, you get to know about all the methods of investment and you also become a good investor, that’s why you must read this book if you want to step into the field of investment if you want. In this book, Peter Lynch has told this book that when he came to this field, he saw very big investors there and those people had different rules but when he started researching about this field. Then he came to know very important things, after which he applied this rule in his investment and he left behind all the big investors. 

Name One Up on Wall Street
AuthorPeter Lynch and John Rothschild
PublisherSimon & Schuster;

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One Up on Wall Street Pdf Download by Peter Lynch and John Rothchild

In the field of investing, we are researching analyst ratings and recommendations for businesses to trust us in which companies to invest in that will make us more profitable. Let us understand this logic with an example like there is a shop around your house from where you always take some goods and when you see that the shopkeeper earns a lot of money by doing such kind of work then you also start thinking that this  We can open shop in any other city. Similarly, when we come to know about the profit of a product, then we start making our idea that if we invest in it, then we can get more profit from here.

When you start thinking about investing in the stock market, then if you start making your own strict rules there, then you can lose a lot in this area. Before we invest, we should see which is the product which is used on daily basis like soap, shampoo, spices etc. Whenever you buy shares of a company, first of all, you have to know the value of the share of that company and calculate how much profit you can get from it. Before investing, you have to analyze any product properly so that you can achieve success in this field.

It has been told in this book that when you think of investing, first of all, you have to know about the six categories of the stock market and you can calculate profit or loss for any product. If you read the six categories mentioned in this book properly, then you become a good investor and it has also been told in this book that if you lose due to any reason then how will you behave there.

One Up on Wall Street Full Book  Pdf Download

Peter Lynch has told that there are some categories in the stock market in which if you invest, then the chances of your loss are very less, but before that, you have to know about that company that its share value is  How much is it and how much money will you get if you make a profit. According to the author, there are many companies that are very big but the share rate of that company is very low, the reason for this is that the company is part of a mature industry, due to which the chances of loss are very less here. 

When you start investing, you get many opportunities to invest, out of which if you do your investment at the right opportunity then you can get a lot of profit from it. While investing, when the value of a company is very high, then we should not buy shares on it, because here if the company suffers, then it causes you a loss, that is why you should not pay attention to the words of others and also in advertising companies it is well written about which a lot of investors get confused.

If you want to become an efficient investor, then you can read the book written by Peter Lynch and John Rothschild which explains the right ways of investing. After reading this book, it is not that you only know about the field of investment, but you also become a very good investor, so that when you come to know about all the rules and benefits of investing, then your mind also comes. That is, once we also invest and see.

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