Our Moon Has Blood Clots Pdf Download By Rahul Pandita

Rahul Pandita grew up in Kashmir. He is a Kashmiri Pandit, as his name says. Muslims are the majority in Kashmir Valley, with Hindus making up a small minority. The severe Indian policies toward Muslims have not only alienated them but have also turned Muslims against Hindu Pandits. Hindus are seen as stooges of the Indian government by them. The situation became so bad that Hindu pandits have been forced to flee Kashmir, despite the fact that it had been their home for centuries. Their friends and neighbors suddenly turned against them. Our Moon Has Blood Clots Pdf

The author of this incredible book along with his family was forced to leave their hometown because they were a Hindu minority -Kashmiri pandits. The Muslim majority in  Kashmir was getting increasingly upset by the noises shouting “ Azadi”. The terrible story of Kashmir has so far been recounted through the lens of the Indian state’s violence and separatists’ pro-independence demands. However, there is another side to the story that has gone untold and buried. Our Moon Has Blood Clots is an untold chapter in Kashmir’s history, in which the Kashmiri Pandit population was expelled in a horrific ethnic cleansing campaign sponsored by Islamist terrorists. More than 100s people were beaten and kicked out of their homes. Many died. Rahul Pandita has written a story about his own past, home, and grievance that is deeply personal and difficult to forget. 

In his story, Rahul Pandita details every single detail of what he and his family went through. His anguish and the struggles his family had to through were palpable. It hurts a lot when friends turn into enemies and neighbors turn into strangers. It would be a mistake to think of this as a Hindu-Muslim conflict. When regular people are pushed to their limits, they act viciously.

Kashmir is the moon of India. The latest Movie The Kashmir Files is some how related with Our Moon Has Blood Clots: A Memoir of a Lost Home in Kashmir .

Name Our Moon Has Blood Clots: A Memoir of a Lost Home in Kashmir
AuthorRahul Pandita
PublisherPenguin Random House India

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Our Moon Has Blood Clots Pdf Download by Rahul Pandita 

This is the narrative of a time when India as a civilization faced an “existential” crisis when being a Hindu became a sin when traitors orchestrated a horrific Holocaust. The author brings on light to the plight of a community that has previously gone unnoticed. Even now, if it is addressed, it is in comparison to another tragedy rather than on its own merits. The liberals fight about it, but no one has done anything to help the community. They are still looking for justice after 27 years.

It also depicts the aftermath of the Kashmiri migration and takes a closer look at the pandits’ lives and circumstances. The circumstances of the murders are horrible, but they do provide a better picture of how they were forced out of their homes and had no choice but to run. They lost not only their houses, jobs, and occupations, but also a piece of themselves.

None of the pseudo-secular groups raised their voices in protest of their violations of human rights. The religious intolerance that drove Kashmiri Pandits from their homes demonstrates that the political elite uses phrases like secularism and religious tolerance to satisfy its linguistic lust. Nobody would ever know what happened in Kashmir with Kashmiri Pandits unless they read this book and experience the harsh reality of our fellow compatriots’ life. It will dispel all of your preconceptions. Their grievances were hardly heard in the mainstream in the past. It is only recently that their plight has begun to be reported on a more serious scale.

Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits  Pdf Download by Rahul Pandita 

The politically correct story surrounding the Pandit Exodus is that the Pandits’ predicament was caused by Islamic militants. It has nothing to do with the average Muslim on the street. Pandita, on the other hand, dismantles this. He depicts a Kashmir in which Pandits, like Jews in Nazi Germany, were always the unwanted foreigners. Everyone was against them, including the general people, the state government, and separatists. Reading this account, one gets the impression that the carnage that began in 1990 had its origins in 1947. 

The way the Pandita family dealt with the circumstance is the reader’s favourite part of the novel. They enjoyed reading about Pandita’s passion for literature, as well as the unconventional educational choices he took as a young man, and how he eventually became a successful journalist in Delhi. It’s a shame, though, that his parents were unable to return to the Valley. This book is especially significant since the Indian left has mostly explored the violence in the Valley from a Muslim standpoint while remaining silent on the Hindu exodus. There have been remarkable novels written about the Indian Army’s breaches and brutalities on innocent civilians in Kashmir in the last decade. This is the first book to examine the war from the perspective of Hindus, as well as what Muslims have done to the region’s minorities. Download Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandit pdf.

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