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The Nobel of Partner in Crime has two great characters who play the role of committing crimes, this novel is written by J. A. Jance. There are two partners in this novel who do each and every task together. In this novel, the meeting of the two mainly occurs when a person dies in a mysterious way, then these two partners took entry together to investigate the same mysterious death. One of the two partners is named Joanna Brady and the other partner is named “Beau” Beaumont. When a man named Rochelle Baxter is killed in an accident on Arizona Turf, a small place in Sheriff Brady’s town. Both the partners come together to find out what is the cause of death of this person. The two investigate the matter from the jurisdiction to find out the cause of death from the partner and help in conveying the news of the person’s death during the accident to his home. The home of the person who died in the accident is located near the Attorney General in Washington State.

When an unknown person becomes Rochelle’s accident in a road accident, both the partners come forward to solve this case and first find out the reason how this accident happened and what was the reason for it. When things are discovered in the dead man’s clothes, it is found that his house is on the Attorney General city near Washington State, then the two partners together start helping the person to get the dead body of that person to his home. JP and Beaumont have been working together for a very long time and both have good relations with each other, due to which the balance of both can be well maintained in any case. Both JP and Beaumont have been working in the Seattle office for a long time and have also been promoted to their position while working. 

Name Partner in Crime
AuthorJ. A. Jance

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Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance Pdf Download

In this Nobel “Partner in Crime” it is shown that JP and Beaumont are crime partners who handle every single crime case together, no matter what kind. JP and Beaumont are not only the crime partners of this novel but are also the main characters of this novel because due to them everything in this nobel seems like interesting. JP and Beaumont work together in an office and their friendship lasts for a very long time, mainly because both worked together and initially both had their deputy together but later these people started behaving well, due to which both of them became a firm friend and whenever there was a crime, both would go together to handle that case and handle it very smartly. These two friends have been told in this novel, due to which these two partners are also the main characters because only them have been talked about in the whole Nobel.

When there is a panchnama of a case in any office, then one or more employees are required to handle that case. Just as both JP and Beaumont’s crime partners came together to investigate Rochelle’s case, Brady also enlists the help of younger employees to solve a case because it is not easy to handle a case alone. When a case related to murder is made in a case, then its pressure remains on all the employees because on such a case too much pressure is received from the above officers and such a case cannot be done loosely. When Brady investigates a murder case, a second murder case comes to the fore, then it is later revealed that the two have a close relationship with each other, only then during the investigation of that case Brady meets both crime partners JP and Beaumont.

Partner in Crime Full Book Pdf Download by J. A. Jance

Both JP and Beaumont work as a crime partnership and have a very good friendship. When both of them were selected as case investigation staff, then initially these people used to get along well and in the investigation of the case, both of them used to live together, due to which a very good friendship would have been established between these people. And later these people have such a close friendship that both of them like to investigate together in every case because both of them have a very good rapport. You must read this novel by downloading the PDF file from any online platform, you can enjoy this novel to the fullest. I hope you enjoy this short part of the novel. This novel not only tells about crime and murder, but it also helps a lot in knowing the relationship of a friendship because when two friends work together as an employee, the synergy between the two is amazing and from that we can learn a lot in our life.

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