Poetry Of The Taliban Pdf Download by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn

The poem by the Taliban depicts the Taliban’s broader world view, providing a free insight but the poem is overlooked by others. A collection of more than 200 Afghan poems, traditionally present in Afghanistan, tells about the past of the Afghan Taliban. This Taliban poem has been written in the languages ​​of Urdu and Pashto but this poem has been translated into English and other languages ​​as well. There is a lot of difference in the poetic traditions from ancient times and this poem of Taliban, although in this poem also you get to see undeniable love, vengeance, thrill of war, religion and casteism.

In this poem by the Taliban, all the conflicts in Afghanistan have been told and all the sides, in the incident of human rights violations has also been included. Once an air raid was carried out in a wedding ceremony of Afghanistan, this incident has also been included in this poem and apart from this, a small incident has also been told through this poem. In this poem, we can see the emotional details of war such as sadly defeated and angry, victory, bitter satire, and the harsh rules and laws of numerous analysts which have been included in the record of the war of Afghanistan at the last moment. In this poem, Alex Strick has mentioned about the war in Afghanistan and the result of the war and has tried to tell whatever the possibilities were in the interest of the country.

After the war in Afghanistan and the capture that took place, the feeling of vengeance started to awaken among the Afghan people. When Kabul was under Ashraf Ghani’s government, Afghan security forces were facing Taliban attacks on one side in Nangarhar and Jalalabad, while the same Islamic State was also targeting some of the governments in order to take control of Kabul from the Taleban side on 15 August. After the Islamic State has made a little direct enemy in Afghanistan, it is also clear that after the departure of the US and allied forces from Afghanistan, the threat of IS was clearly seen in the country and due to all the security arrangements. Despite this, on 26 August, there was a major suicide attack on Kabul Airport.

Name Poetry Of The Taliban
AuthorAlex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn
PublisherC Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd

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Poetry Of The Taliban Pdf Download by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn

More than 150 people, including 13 US security forces, were killed in this attack and this was a major IAS attack in Kabul from its stronghold like Jalalabad, which proved that now the Taliban is a greater threat than the western countries. And the alleged extremist group Islamic State is responsible for the blasts in Jalalabad last week, forgetting to drink it and broadcast it on its Telegram channel as a declaration of its success.  According to Iran, Afghan Taliban Iraq Islamic Afghanistan spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, explaining in some detail about them, has blamed the Islamic State for them, working as police and security forces after the Taliban occupation of Kabul under the control of Taliban.  After this, this is the first time when such a large number of blasts have been done at one time.

Poetry Of The Taliban Full Book Pdf Download by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn

Taliban poetry not only talks about war, but also shows the spirit of love and friendship. In this poem, more information is found of the Taliban in Afghanistan than all the reports in the newspapers. Afghan experts say that whoever wants to give his views in the form of rules of Afghanistan, he must first read this book once so that those people can get to know about it in depth. You must have read many poems in which most of the poems are like that if you read the poem, then your heart starts getting emotional and some poems are in such a way that which affects your mind, which has nothing to do with the heart. In the same way, if you read this poem, then your plight can become very emotional because it has also been told about the carnage in war.

In this poem, the terrorist attack in Afghanistan is shown through poetry. Scholars on writing poetry for the Taliban have elaborated on the global political satire and rich context of Afghanistan by drawing information from the countryside of Afghanistan. In order to understand the Taliban, research is done by the authors about humanization and the way the whole world considers Talibanis to be fooled by cultural programs, the same thing has been told through poetry in this book. It is told in this poem that the people of the Taliban were opposed to the global plan of modernization taking place in the world and a mention has been made to reveal the hidden side of the Taliban. In this poem of Taliban, such warriors related to the movement have been mentioned, who could influence everyone with their thoughts and languages.

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