Prithviraj Raso Poem Pdf Download By Chand Bardai

The early period of Hindi literature which is also called Raso period is also called Veergatha period. The treatise of Prithviraj Raso is a huge glory book composed in that period. The poet of Prithviraj Raso Granth is Chandbardai. The book of Prithviraj Raso is not written in chapters but in time. This epic of two and a half thousand pages is divided into 69 times and in this epic the real and comprehensive representation of the values ​​of life, valor and love spirit is found in this epic. Like the medieval Charit Kavya, its hero is Prithviraj, whose characteristics are represented by the famous historian Col. Parts of the book of Prithviraj Raso are written on time and time is also divided into different types of sections. The book of Prithviraj Raso has a total of 69 times and mainly it has 3 different sections.

Chandbardai is also a friend of Prithviraj Chauhan, he was also a feudatory and was also a Raj poet. Chandbardai lived in the shelter of Prithviraj Chauhan and while living in the court of the king, he composed the book Prithviraj Raso. It is also said that when Prithviraj Chauhan was born, Chandbardai was also born at the same time and when Prithviraj Chauhan died, Chandbardai also died at the same time. This is how the two were related to each other. Chandbardai and Prithviraj Chauhan used to go to study together in childhood and both lived together, so Chandbardai became the most beloved of Prithviraj Chauhan and Chandbardai also acted as an advisor to his emperor Prithviraj Chauhan.

Historians have different opinions regarding the composition of Prithviraj Raso. Most of the texts of ancient times differ on the composition of the book, but Prithviraj Raso is one such book in which there is a lot of difference, such as many historians believe that Prithviraj Raso was composed in 1210, while some historians believe in its composition. The composition dates back to 1710. As much controversy has happened about this epic, as much as no other epic has happened. In terms of size, the book of Prithviraj Raso is a huge epic of two and a half thousand pages, which is divided into chapters on the basis of the category of time. The various chapters of this book are divided into times in which there is a total of 69 times and they are addressed by different names.

Name Prithviraj Raso Poem
AuthorDr. Ashok Tiwari

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Prithviraj Raso Poem By Chand Bardai Pdf Download

Many types of adaptations are seen in Prithviraj Raso Granth and the number of adapted manuscripts in it is 60. Mainly Udaipur, Bikaner, Shekhawati, Gujarat There are many copies of Prithviraj Raso Granth present in these places. There are four versions of Prithviraj Raso Granth, out of which the name of the first version is the major version and the second version is called the medium version and the third version is the minor version and the fourth version is very small, hence its name is the smallest version the name has been given. The size of the massive conversion is huge and this conversion takes a total of 69000 times. This epic has been written on the basis of its historical copy was received from Udaipur library.

The major version of Prithviraj Raso Granth was published in Kashi Nagri Pracharini Sabha which is a major adaptation. Seeing this, scholars start raising questions about its authenticity, whereas for Prithviraj Raso Granth it is certified that the message has been talked about in the chapter of the major conversion and the medium conversion. There are many opinions for Prithviraj Raso book, then by looking at the major version, it is known that its authenticity is the message, in the same way friends get another version of Prithviraj Raso which is called medium version and this medium version is larger in size than the major version is lightly small. The copies of Oriental College, Lahore, the copy of Sahitya Sadan, Abohar, the copy of Gyan Bhandar, Bikaner and the copies made on the basis of dates have also been received from Shri Archana.

When there was a big time then 69 times are found and when the medium time was written then 40 to 47 times are found in it, it has 2000 verses but many scholars have different views on this too. Enough votes were sent and in this way a third edition is obtained, a minor version and this is a minor version, 5 copies of it are available, 3 copies are available at Anoop Sanskrit Library, Bikaner and one copy is available with Agar Chandnada. The miniature form is small in size as the name suggests that is short means small. In the medium conversion, there is a description in it from 40 to 47 times and the conversion of this time is 2000. The fourth time was called the smallest time, which is the smallest in size, it has only 13 verses and has 2000 copies.

Prithviraj Raso Poem Book Book Pdf Download By Chand Bardai

The story is not divided at the beginning, here the verses are found together and the original was also available from Shri Agar Chandnada and this short version was edited and published by Dr. Mata Prasad Gupta. In this way, friends, we have seen that the four characters of Prithviraj Raso are found to be big, medium, small and the smallest of the three are the smallest. After the publication of the epic Prithviraj Raso, it was given the name of a huge book in which the opinion and character of the entire saints are found. The historians of Rajasthan believe that it is a very big book towards Prithviraj Raso Granth and they praise the creation of history and say that this book is the complete history of its era. In Rajasthan, every upper class definitely gets some account of their ancestors.

To know the children of the ancestors of Rajasthan, to know their character, then this book is very important, but friends, we see that the more importance was given to this book, the more its glory was established and to know the general life of Rajasthan and especially the medieval life. The more important this book is, the more this book has become a matter of controversy. Till date, the most controversy has been made regarding this book. In 1883, this treatise was being published by the Royal Asiatic Society and when Colonel Todd praised it and honored it as a treatise on the history of Rajasthan and was translating it into English, at the same time he received Prithviraj’s victory in Kashmir, History of Asiatic Society events. A historical letter had to be sent for the letter in which it was written that Dr. Booler was making too much difference in dates while doing the English translation of the epic.

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