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The British royal family and politics are two of America’s favorite topics, and McQuiston’s debut book Red, White & Royal Blue blends them in a delightfully amusing way with just the perfect amount of scandal. 

When the son of the U.S. president, Alexander Claremont-Diaz, and his sister, June, transit to the U.K. to join a royal wedding, Alex inadvertently pushes Prince Henry into the wedding cake, sparking a media frenzy that has individuals from both sides of the Atlantic concerned about a possible global crisis, especially Alex’s mother Ellen (who is the POTUS, by the way). In the midst of a hard re-election campaign for his mother, the two protagonists come to an odd connection that blossoms into romance and causes Alex to second-guess his sexuality. 

The last thing Alex and Henry need is for their feelings to grow stronger the more they sneak about. Henry is under pressure from Queen Mary to carry out his responsibilities as a monarch, even if it implies denying his sexuality, and Alex is a rising political figure. However, it’s hard to ignore how ideal they are for one another. These are two guys who love each other despite their baggage; their flirtatious relationship is powered by witty banter that makes even historical studies sound enticing. Their chemistry sparkles even from a distance, defying politics. 

Thanks to Texas, which went “blue” for the initial time in many decades, Alex’s mother is re-elected to a 2nd presidential term… Henry is finally given the opportunity to see where Alex was raised and how he came to be who he is when Alex and Henry leave the party in joy and head to his boyhood house. 

Name Red, White and Royal Blue
AuthorMark Douglas
PublisherSt. Martin’s Griffin

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Red, White and Royal Blue Casey McQuiston Pdf Download

Henry confronts his grandma, nevertheless, with the help of his mother, as they see worldwide support for the marriage. Alex then asks people to back and accept his choice, and Henry and Alex then come together as a couple in public. 

A marriage proposal is made between the two. All of the royal family meets with them. Many of us, naturally, would prefer to escape into the Red, White, and Royal Blue universe. A mash-up of cultural allusions served as the book’s inspiration. A little My Date With the President’s Daughter, a little Veep, a lot of Parks and Recreation, with themes from The Royal We in between. This is all while being saturated in online jargon. There are several allusions to Ariana Grande and memes galore, along with phrases like “cries in homosexual.” 

To mirror the realm as she saw it, she created Red, White, and Royal Blue. In a trade paperback that a person from her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, might conceivably choose up in a Barnes & Noble, Alex’s bisexuality, for example, was a topic she had never seen in such a mainstream commercial manner. Although bisexual McQuiston is quick to deny any suggestions that she is pioneering a new field, she gives gratitude to writers like N.K. Jemisin for having paved the way for her. She claims that she is not creating anything new. 

From its enemies-to-lovers premise to the bubblegum pink of its cover, it is a textbook example of a rom-com. It is a queer romance, but it is also a very particular narrative. The characterization is fantastic. The two gentlest lads are Alex and Henry. Despite the fact that we only have Alex’s point of view, both lads are very complex, 3D characters that are made for one other. Henry feels secluded, tied by tradition, and alone. As the First Son, Alex is prospering and, on his path, to becoming a well-known politician. However, both of them leave those areas in search of something they didn’t anticipate having too much of in their lives. real love. 

Red, White and Royal Blue Full Book Pdf Download by Casey McQuiston  

The opponents are not just static, nasty figures. The reader comprehends why they sense they are defending Alex and Henry by pressuring them to keep their connection a secret. Rafael Luna, who is gay, consciously chose a career in politics, where the public must always be privy to his private life. 

The novel takes the reader on an emotional journey that highlights the obstacles to love, such as how American political royalty and real British royalty can ever be together. In light of their very visible and scrutinized roles, how can they manage coming out about their sexual orientations (Alex is bisexual, and Henry is gay)? To pursue happiness, Alex and Henry must decide whether to put their lives, their families, and their jobs in jeopardy. The story’s setting—a universe where a divorced-mom Texan Democrat wins the 2016 election—might be a work of fiction, but the emotions are all genuine. As a result of their poetry emails, which are humorous and sexy at the same time, Alex and Henry’s relationship shows passion.  

This novel features a lovely romance as well as some crucial comments on British tradition, royalty, and homophobia in both American and British politics. The novel explores the themes of honoring one’s true nature, attempting to strike a balance between private desires and public duty, and the cost of diversity and independence over conformity as the two young men work out their relationship and ultimately brave public opinion by declaring their feelings openly.

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