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Peace is a mental state that may be characterized as sitting on a balcony with a cup of coffee and a favorite book by many …Books are emotional and spiritual pursuit for some and powerful ones as “Secrets of Divine Love” can make you feel closer to God. Helwa pulls from her own experiences and study on religion to assist others reach “Divine love in everyday life,” with a Masters in Divinity in Islamic spirituality more than 15 years of experience writing and lecturing on Islam.  After spending many years traveling, Helwa is now sharing the spiritual truths she gained from her masters in Algeria, Africa, Canada, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, West Africa, Vietnam, Nepal, and other nations, and the Secrets of Divine Love, published through Naulit Inc. is one such work.

Secrets of Divine Love relies on the Qur’an’s spiritual secrets, old mystical poetry, and stories from the world’s greatest prophets and spiritual masters to help you rekindle your faith, transcend your uncertainties, and expand your relationship with God. It concentrates on Islam’s five major pillars and discusses them in detail, using Quran and Hadith passages.

One will get the tools and awareness needed to recognize and overcome your negative inner critic that prevents you from enjoying God’s all-encompassing love via the use of scientific proof, practical exercises, and guided meditations.

Name Secrets Of Divine Love Pdf Download

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Secrets Of Divine Love by A.Helwa Pdf Download

Secrets of Divine Love charts the road of love for spiritual seekers of all religions via the inspirational words of the Qur’an, the deep sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, the elevating poetry of Rumi, and instructional anecdotes from the world’s finest spiritual teachers.

Discover Allah’s love via moving stories, profound Qur’anic texts, and Prophet Muhammad’s sayings (pbuh).

Connect with your faith: There are over 100 thought-provoking suggestions in the diary that will help you feel, contemplate, and finally return to Allah.

Every journaling session begins and concludes with a prayer of thankfulness to enable you to witness the transformational power of prayer.

Create a relationship with your religious group: The journal’s questions and prompts were created for both solitary reflections and group discussions, such as book clubs.

The other things that one will learn are:

What is your Divine mission and why were you created?

How God has already provided you with all you require in order to communicate with Him.

How to manage your ego while awakening your heart

  What is the best way to build a personal relationship with a divine being?

  How distractions might help you grow closer to God when you’re praying

  How to repent so that your misdeeds become good acts

  How to polish your heart’s mirror so you can see God’s face wherever you go

  Why death isn’t the end, but the beginning of eternal life

  Why were you created for something other than dying and heading to heaven?

  How interruptions during daily devotions might unexpectedly bring you closer to God, and much more!

Secrets Of Divine Love Full book Pdf Download

The passages in this book act as a compass and a guiding light, pointing you back to the wellspring of heavenly calm and submission. You’ll discover how to unleash your spiritual potential and reveal your divine mission by following the principles and practices of Islam. Secrets of Divine Love is a logical yet heart-centered approach to the Qur’an, enlightening the mind.

Helwa’s metaphoric insights, written with care and clarity, inspire you to join her in her pursuit for truth and knowledge. If you prefer current science and psychology-based religion, along with instructions and motivation you’ll love this heartfelt and incisive book.

The majority of her words are like poetry in motion, full of nuggets of insight and beautifully scented. Many of the lines are melodic ..! Helwa’s ability to creatively incorporate her information into her understanding of Islam is commendable. “She writes with empathy, encouragement, and practical understanding about prayer, love, emotional problems, repentance, and even death.”

The book peels back the layers of darkness that shroud religion to discover the love and pleasure that lie beneath.

The author’s humility and grounding are evident in her writing as she draws the most magnificent pictures with her words, making you want to follow, to explore.

Though The “Secrets of Divine Love” is an inspiring guide to the Quran’s inner meaning, it can be read by any. It is more than a religious book; it is a reminder that you are loved just the way you are, no matter where you are. It’s lines and quotations have broadened the perspectives of many and many people would undoubtedly encounter their inner philosophers.

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