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Swami and his friends is a very popular book written by RK Narayan. The headline begins on a Monday morning when Swaminathan wakes up and considers that Monday to be a wretched day and he considers this day so useless that he does not even want to open his eyes. Saturday and Sunday are very joyful days in Swaminathan’s life and after that when Monday comes he has to work with discipline as usual. His face lit up as he thought about the school, and when he imagined the yellow building of his school, his heart started feeling sad.

It is 8:00 and he sits down on the bench in his room. That room belonged to his father, with a bench at one corner on which Swaminathan used to keep all his belongings. Then he sits on his stool, after that closing his eyes, all the work that he has to do in today’s day starts drying up. First of all there he wants to do math’s work out of which he had to do five questions of profit and loss. After this, he had to write the eighth lesson of English in a note copy. He plans to do all his work within the next 2 hours, then after that he has to get ready for school as well.

Name Swami and his friends
AuthorRK Narayan
PublisherIndian Thought Publications

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Swami and Friends by RK Narayan 

When Swaminathan reaches the school, he sees a teacher named Vedanayam. The teacher sits with his back to the tall window whose anger could be seen in his burning eyes. There was a window out of which a playground was visible, and next to it was the verandah of the children’s room. The best thing about Swaminathan’s class was that when the children were seen from there towards the class, the children used to play amongst themselves and fall down, Swaminathan and his friends were very happy to see all this.  

When the first hour of Swaminathan’s school has passed, then maths class continues after that. The first bell of Swaminathan’s class was of Vedanayam and when the second bell rings, he comes back to the class as a math teacher. Now Swaminathan was feeling very bad because Swaminathan did not feel like listening to this teacher’s voice. Whenever Swaminathan used to listen to this, he used to fall asleep.  Now the teacher asked all the children to show them the math homework and after that all the children took out their homework from the bag and put it in front. Swaminathan also takes out his homework and puts it on the bench and while the teacher is watching his homework, Swaminathan looks very intently into the teacher’s eyes. Swaminathan’s face looked very gullible and Swaminathan says of higher education that his eyes were both very close to each other and his faces looked very large. While Vedanayam was checking homework, he notices a mistake and then injures Saminathan on his hand, then a loud slap on Swaminathan’s face and asks him to sit on the bench.

Swami and Friends by RK Narayan Full Book Pdf Download

After the second bell has passed, now the third bell comes and all the children start feeling very excited because now they are going to get class of very interesting subject. The history teacher in that school was a very funny person, that’s why all the students were very happy with that teacher. He was very famous in that school because he never got angry on any child and never raised his hand on anyone.

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