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 If the mythology of Atlantis intrigues you, if you’re curious about the human race’ probable beginnings, then the book “The Atlantis Gene” will be perfect for you. You will be thrilled by some historical peculiarities and two rival forces fighting for humanity’s survival.  “The Atlantis Gene” was the first trilogy that sold over 2 million copies in the United States.  Yes, The Atlantis Gene (2013) by A. G. Riddle is a fiction about the origins of mankind. It goes into human evolution using scientific theory, attempting to solve historical puzzles. On a humanitarian level, it follows a group of individuals as they struggle to reconcile their pasts and uncover their realities. The narrative juxtaposes the world’s secrets with the protagonists’ ones.  

The evolutionary “Great Leap Forward” in human behavior and tool manufacturing happened around 80,000 years ago. There are other ideas as to why this happened, including mutations in the human DNA. A.G. Riddle has his hypothesis about the “Great Leap Forward,” which involves the mythological island of Atlantis, as well as aliens. The prologue serves as foreshadowing. It shows a sinless scientist who comes upon something massive and old before being slain by falling into an abyss. The prologue closes with the abrupt words “We’ve found it,” as an associate casually calls her supervisors about the occurrence. 

Clocktower is a top worldwide agency dedicated to combating international crime, but its global headquarters have been compromised, and many of its operatives have been slain. David Vale, a Jakarta-based leader, is among the few survivors. For saving his life, he has decoded clues that point to the participation of Immari, a vicious organization. Immari has its hands in a lot of pies, financing a lot of scientists and enterprises for reasons only they know about. One of them is geneticist Kate Warner’s study of autistic children in Jakarta. When two of the children are abducted, Kate has no option but to pursue them. Kate and David quickly pool their meager resources to follow the clues that quickly turn into a trail of bodies. Meanwhile, scientists in Antarctica have discovered a mystery vessel buried hundreds of feet beneath the ice. A submarine attached to it alludes to another sinister search, one that occurred decades ago and was supported by the Reich. 

Name The Atlantis Gene
AuthorA.G. Riddle
PublisherLegion Books

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The Atlantis Gene By A.G. Riddle Pdf Download

Kate and David both become hunters and prey in the pages that follow. We track them across continents, picking up evidence from the past and now, such as archaeological relics, an ancient journal, and rooms beneath the deepest mines. Mankind is on the verge of extinction, and the clock is ticking. 

Immari appears to be on the verge of triggering a near-extinction catastrophe. Because they know of a super-race of people known as Atlanteans who have created a home beneath the ice of Antarctica, the Immari gang is immensely driven. By eliminating all Atlanteans, they want to prevent humanity from being overthrown by the Atlanteans. Kate and David strive hard to keep this from happening. They also oppose the eugenics movement that has sprung up in search of the Atlantean gene. (There is a link between homo sapiens and Atlantean humanoids, implying that extraterrestrial lifeforms were involved.) 

The Immari are merciless and unyielding, yet the two heroes escape each near-fatal encounter. They discover the Immari are entangled with the forces of evil (which is symbolized in the book as a literal force).   They discover that their resistance to the Immari has ties to Nazi Germany and the Eugenics initiatives there, as well as to modern-day terrorism, including the 9/11 attacks. The protagonists face a terrifying opponent with infinite resources and strength near the end of the story, and they understand that the Immari are prepared to slaughter everyone who stands in their way the Atlanteans. David and Katherine fight their way out of the ancient Nazi stronghold and save the children, but David is gravely injured. For the time being, the Immari have been kept at bay. 

Throughout, Kate and David encounter aid and danger from unexpected places, adding to their growing anxiety and suspicion that they have found a worldwide conspiracy as old as mankind itself. 

The Atlantis Gene Full Book Pdf Download By A.G. Riddle

To put it simply, this is a genetic puzzle on the verge of extinction. There’s much science here, and archaeological data and anthropological speculation. It also shifts throughout countries and continents, and over time. It’s jam-packed with action, murder, conspiracies, wonders, and evil. The novel’s second half, in particular, is a fascinating blend of historical mystery and modern-day techno-thriller, including some extremely likable and developed characters, as well as others who are satisfyingly vile but, at least some of the time, driven by comprehensible motives. 

We’re all prepared for a sequel after the story when the crisis becomes more serious. The Atlantis Gene: Book I appear to be a science-fiction story about good vs evil on the surface. Its design, however, is more than that. The fundamental thesis of the story is that alien lifeforms fused pre-human DNA to make human awareness, and there are dormant elements of the human genome that, when awakened, restore alien abilities to humans. This concept is similar to spiritual transcendentalism; therefore, one fascinating interpretation of the plot is as a spiritualist story about the development towards “enlightenment,” which the novel refers to as “gene activation.”

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