The Blue Umbrella Pdf Download By Ruskin Bond

The Blue Umbrella is a very beautiful novel written by Ruskin Bond. In this novel, there is a girl named Binyan and this girl has a blue coloured umbrella which she loves very much. Binyan lives near a Galwan hill and is survived by her mother and a brother. Binyan’s father had died, due to which the responsibility of looking after the house was on Binyan.

 When Binyan’s father died, Binyan, along with his mother and brother, started agriculture, which resulted in the maintenance of his family. There was also some cow in Binyan’s house whose milk used to work for his family as well and used to earn money by selling the milk which was left to others.

One day Binyan was grazing a cow and while driving she saw a herd in which some people were making a picnic and those people had a blue umbrella, seeing which Binyan is very happy and she wants to take that umbrella. A woman in her group looked very different when she saw Binyan but had a garland around her neck which looked very beautiful. 

Name The Blue Umbrella
AuthorRuskin Bond
PublisherRupa Publications

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The Blue Umbrella By Ruskin Bond Pdf Download

The woman asks Binyan about asking for the necklace she is wearing, Binyan quickly says yes but she demands a blue umbrella in return. Then the woman liked this agreement, then that woman gave her blue umbrella to Binyan and then Binyan was very happy to get the umbrella because that umbrella was very beautiful to look at.

Binyan likes the blue umbrella so much that she keeps looking at the blue umbrella all the time and always keeps it open so that she can always see the blue umbrella.  Whenever she used to go out for a walk or go out of the house, she used to leave with an umbrella, whether it was raining or not.  All Binyan’s friends wanted to make Binyan happy by praising him, so that Binyan, being happy, gave them his blue umbrella to see and Binyan also gave his blue umbrella to them for a few moments. 

When Binyan leaves his house in the morning, the weather is very pleasant, after some time it becomes very sunny, due to which his friends start running here and there and go under the tree but Binyan is nowhere to go because the blue umbrella is enough for her to gives support. The weather changes after scorching sun and slowly it starts raining after which all his friends start running towards the house but Binyan enjoys the rain to the fullest with his blue umbrella.

The Blue Umbrella Full Book Pdf Download 

After some time Binyan’s blue umbrella had started to fade and had become a little weak but still the jealousy of the people of the village towards Binyan’s umbrella did not diminish. There is a shopkeeper in his village who likes Binyan’s blue umbrella very much and that shopkeeper wants to buy this student for which he also talked to Binyan but Binyan flatly refused.

One day a boy comes to Ram Bharosa’s shop to work and when that boy comes to know that Ram Bharosa loves that blue umbrella, he thought of a trick to steal that umbrella and then it went to Binyan’s house.  Steals and when everyone comes to know that some boy has stolen a blue umbrella, then that boy takes the name of the shopkeeper, which brings bad name to Ram Bharosa and now no one even went to his shop. 

Then one day Binyan goes to Ram Bharosa’s Shop to get some goods and comes back from there with the goods, then the shopkeeper says that you have forgotten your umbrella, then Binyan says that it is not a problem, keep this umbrella yourself.

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