The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy Books

The Day I stopped Drinking Milk: Life Lessons Here and There. Many individuals in cities may not realize that a fundamental item like milk is a luxury for many people in rural areas of our nation. Sudha Murty was taken aback when she learned this on one of her trips and decided to quit drinking milk as a result. That is the inspiration for the book “The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk: Life Lessons Here and There”. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk is a compilation of 23 stories that retell Murty’s inspiring experiences as she wanders the streets of rural and urban India, aspiring to be the advocate that several never had. The characters are regular folks she meets at work, at home, in her community, on a trip, and so on. Most of us have encountered such individuals that we would have forgotten about, but thanks to her, we can connect to and learn a great deal from them. 

Chitra recalls the train voyage she took while she was 13-14 years of age, her life-altering as a result of the journey, and expresses her appreciation. Avva by Rahman is about Kashibai, an ignorant woman with evolved human principles.

Ganga’s ghat reminds us that anybody, like Ganga, may help others by providing bathwater in a hamlet. The film The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk is about a family in Odisha who wants to give her something to eat or drink, but she refuses the glass of milk they offer her. Changing India is about how people’s opinions of India have evolved throughout the United States during the last 30 years. Only illnesses, not honesty and integrity, are handed down to the subsequent generation through genes, according to Genes. The story Helping the Dead follows a youth who start a non-profit organization to assist poor individuals who have no one to bury or cremate their loved ones. Three Ponds depicts three separate women’s sacrifices for the sake of supplying water to others.  A prosperous farmer producing veggies on a wasteland for the needy and poor is the subject of No Man’s Garden.  

Name The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin India

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The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk by Sudha Murthy Books Pdf Download

Sticky Bottoms is about a friend who is solely concerned with himself. Sudha Murthy coined the phrase “Sticky Bottoms” to describe people who won’t stop chatting or leave you alone until you get an excuse. Sudha Murthy shows her displeasure to the readers in this narrative, and she explains how she gets up with ways to get the “sticky bottom” guy out of her house avoiding being impolite or upsetting him. Her poor attempts and reasons for getting the man away from the house are hilarious. Murty encounters Venkat, her old high acquaintance who is notorious for chatting nonstop, on a train. And now she has to sit alongside him on an 8-hour train journey.  

“Too many questions” regarding how managers attempt to bridge the gap between the giver and the recipient. A young cowherd gives his life for his town while delivering a message to the captain from a soldier in the Gift of Sacrifice. The story Bad Help explores how assisting someone may become a lifetime burden. A young guy discovers from a ghost how “in life sharing is crucial.” Individuals who chat and how they locate people to talk about are the subject of the Foot in the Mouth. In Miserable Success, we learn that success does not always imply happiness. Shraddha teaches us that in God’s perspective, males and girls, sons and daughters, are equal. We learn as students in Lazy Portado that we must study, gain knowledge, develop skills, and work hard. Uncle Sam is about a man who regrets his decision to travel to America. You should’ve inquired about how individuals want their egos nourished. A mother’s love is about a mother climbing a hill and leaping down to be with her child. 

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy Books

The book’s last narrative is Life’s Secret Lessons, in which the author teaches seven life lessons. The first lesson is that solely children say the truth and thus are true judges of a person’s ability. Second lesson: Money cannot replace many things in life. Third Lesson: Where there is money, individuals want to make the most of it. Fourth lesson: When we continue to accumulate material goods, we will become a burden on future generations. Fifth lesson: Patience and the ability to read people’s motives.  Sixth lesson: We should make a stand for ourselves and pursue our hearts, even if others do not always like it or approve of our decisions. Seventh lesson: We should not be distracted by other sounds so that we can focus on our current activities. Eighth lesson: A caring leader does not belong to a single country.  The book contains good stories/examples, which people should read to realize how our country may breathe easily because of the sacrifices and efforts of a few people all around the world.

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