The Girl in the Glass Case Pdf Download by Devashish Sardana

The Girl in the glass case is a psychological crime thriller written by Devashish Sardana. Devashish is an Indian small-town youngster who grew up with high ambitions and an even larger imagination. It is a must-read that will leave readers breathless. It has a menacing tone that entices readers to continue on to the explosive climaxes.

A furious psychopath seeks out another serial murderer in order to reclaim the spotlight. These two masterminds in the story murder children and transmen with such precision that no trace/evidence is left behind. The case is assigned to Simone Singh, a tenacious young detective, and her assistant Zoya Barucha, who are opposed and have opposing personalities!

The whole story revolves around what happened in the five days following the murder of the first child. Each of these days is so suspenseful and thrilling that you won’t be able to put the book down! And the end isn’t what the viewer expects or sees coming. The Girl in the Glass case pdf download. In this book, the character of Simone Singh who is an Assistant Superintendent of Police would rather spend her days incarcerating criminals than apologizing for her lack of social skills. And she’s not about to let anybody get in the way of her investigation of the Doll Maker, a cruel serial murderer who dresses up young children as Barbie dolls and showcases their bodies in glass cases.

BookThe Girl in the glass case
AuthorDevashish Sardana
PublisherPenguin eBury Press

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The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana Pdf Download

She’s on a mission to uncover the Doll Maker, but she has no idea who the true serial murderer is. However, in The Girl in the Glass case pdf download, Simone recognizes that time is running out to piece together the clues since the Doll Maker has warned that the killings have just begun. Someone hell-bent on taking down his opponent and vying for the title of the most horrific killer.

Another serial murderer, with the name Clipper, who was India’s most infamous butcher for nine years, explodes into an all-consuming hatred when the media ignores him in favour of the twisted new slayer, the Doll Maker. To take the top rank, the Clipper converts his rage into bloody vengeance. Simone fights to get the Doll Maker into a smart trap as the bodies start to pile up. The Clipper, on the other hand, is hell-bent on striking first and reclaiming the throne with his most heinous assassination yet. The Girl in the Glass case pdf download!

 More victims appear as both serial murderers fight for the city’s attention, frustrating Simone, her partner DSP Zoya, and their employer Irshad. The rest of the tale revolves around the trio’s ability to apprehend The Dollmaker and the Clipper before they cause havoc in the city. Will Simone be able to stop the carnage before adding to the death toll?

A storyline that is full of unexpected turns. This is an unmissable plot. What an enthralling example of the storyline! The Girl in the Glass case pdf download.

The plot begins with The Dollmaker’s killings and intensifies when the Clipper reappears. The concept of two serial murderers with identical behaviour patterns but distinct methods of execution challenging the cops is a unique one. The first part of the novel progresses at a breakneck pace, with Simone and Zoya frantically trying to piece together clues to apprehend The Dollmaker The Girl in the Glass case pdf download. Zoya has a unique personality, especially Simone, who is a fierce criminal detective rather than a standard hero. The entire narrative takes place over five days, with a fast-paced narration.

The second part of the novel focuses more on the adversaries, and their backstories, and tells the tale from their point of view. The author provides the Dollmaker’s and Clipper’s names and tactics early in the novel to confuse the reader since the truth about them is reserved until the pre-climax sections. The author relates the motive for the serial killings and the mindset of the villains to the maltreatment they experienced as children and sheds light on the consequences of a difficult upbringing and how they affect adulthood.

The Girl in the Glass Case Full Book Free Pdf Download

The novel begins with a bang, and it keeps the reader on edge until the very end. The exciting part of this psychological thriller is how the author told the story of two serial murderers and their different paths, as well as Simone Singh’s journey

The meticulousness of Nalini and Ranveer’s desire for the spotlight are well displayed. The backstories of the main characters are well-written, and we can link them to the current situation. Every time one thought the Doll Maker or the Clipper would be apprehended, there was a twist that had kept the reader on his seat!

A fascinating book with a superb writing style. The author deserves kudos for creating such an engrossing and intriguing story. There are no words to convey how amazing this tale is. The character development, the narrative portion, the language utilized, the psychological thriller depiction, the novel’s front page, its appropriate title, and everything else was meticulously detailed. the girl in the glass case free pdf download

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