The Glass Castle Pdf Download by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle is an American version of which is authored by Jeannette Walls. In this version the author recounts his childhood in which he was brought up in a very bad way. The writer remembers the day when his father was trying to get rid of him in a very short time. Jeannette Walls writes this book reminiscing about her childhood, which contains her childhood version. The author published this book in 2005. Through this book, the author tries to show the struggle of his life during his childhood. In childhood, when the writer looks back on his life, he sees his family very backward and a failed family. In this edition, the author has mentioned such incidents related to his life, so that the readers who read it are also able to relate this edition with their life.

This book, written by Jeannette Walls, was becoming very popular because the author wrote this book in relation to his life.  Every reader who read this book started discussing about it with others, due to which the fame of this book started increasing all around and it was bought more and more. In a city in New York, the book which is very famous or the book which sells the most, that book is listed in the best seller list, which increases the fame of that book even more. 

Name The Glass Castle
AuthorJeannette Walls
PublisherSimon & Schuster

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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Pdf Download.

When the demand for The Glass Castle book started increasing, it was included in the list of best seller books and it was recorded for a very long time because this book was given a lot of love by the people, due to which this book was included in the list of best sellers for almost 100 weeks. Marked till  According to the report, when this book came in the market, within just two years, more than 1.6 million books of this book had been sold. This book was also translated into different languages ​​so that this book can make its business in other countries also and the people there can also know about this story. 

This version of Jeannette Walls was considered by many publishers to be fictional, on which the author wrote an article in which he talked about the surprise that people were skeptical of this book. Many readers also claimed that the version seems largely fictional, on this point the author says what a writer feels most important. 

The Glass Castle Full Book Pdf Download.

The most important thing for the writer is to think that how can he know any truth with his talent and keep the truth which comes out tomorrow in front of everyone so that the readers can feel pleasure in reading. But we cannot do that this is completely true because in the author’s family when their relatives were asked what is the story of their childhood, all the people told different story due to which this version is a little different for all the people.

Jeannette Walls has told about her family that her family comes from a very poor family, who used to have a lot of problems with food and drink. According to the author or his family used to roam around and search for a place to settle somewhere. His family was searching for work, then after a few days his family members moved to live in one of the mining towns located in America. There is no shortage for work in this city because it is connected to the city and there are many types of factories here, on which work is always available.

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