The Handmaid’s Tale Pdf Download by Margaret Atwood

 Women in this world have lesser freedoms; they are simply categorized according to the tasks they are capable of performing. In her work “The Handmaid’s Tale,” author Margaret Atwood challenges the common misconceptions about feminism and calls readers’ attention to complex political concerns. 

The Handmaid’s Tale is set in what used to be the United States of America, the totalitarian Republic of Gilead. Offred, the story’s heroine, is a young lady of childbearing age who, unlike the majority of American women, is still pregnant. Childbirth rates are exceptionally low because of several toxic incidents. This, along with brutality against women, contributed to Gilead’s emergence and the constrictive gender norms it engenders. A handmaid is a lady who is contracted to have children for a wealthy infertile couple, in this instance Fred and Serena Joy. Due to his reasonably high position within the Gilead military system, Fred is frequently referred to as “the Commander” and Serena as “the Wife.” 

The protagonist’s real name is not Offred. It is a mix of the term “of” and the name of the Commander she was assigned, in this case, Fred. Every month at the Ceremony, a Handmaid is compelled to have intercourse with her Commander to become pregnant. She has no independence at all. She is not permitted to read, shut her door, or display her unique individuality, nor can she leave the house without permission. 

Name The Handmaid’s Tale
AuthorMargaret Atwood

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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Pdf Download

Offred recounts the events that led to the position she is now compelled to play. She remembers a romance she had with a wedded man named Luke, who divorced his earliest wife, and the kid they had together. She discusses Moira, her best friend, and her activist mother. Offred also talks of being captured and being separated from her husband and kid after trying to flee the military takeover that resulted in the creation of Gilead. She was transported to the Rachel and Lead Re-education Center, also known as the “Red Center,” along with Moira and several other fertile women. There, Aunt Lydia lectured Offred about Gilead’s values, the new, dreadful life she was going to be thrown into, and how the government saw women compared to males. 

Offred talks about the ritual’s steps and her encounter with her doctor, who volunteered to have intercourse with her to help her get pregnant. Then, she may have claimed that the kid belonged to her Commander. She declines since she is aware of the dangers involved. The Commander invites Offred to visit him in his study some evening, a further deviation from her newly established routine. He lets her read vintage Vogue magazines while they play scrabble there, which are both highly forbidden activities. Offred is treated like a kid by the Commander, yet he still wants to kiss her goodbye. 

The Handmaid’s Tale Pdf Download by Margaret Atwood

Offred discovers that there is a group called Mayday that is trying to destroy Gilead as The Handmaid’s Tale goes on. She is also becoming more familiar with the military aspect of governance while having to get closer to the Commander. Offred continues to be childless despite several Ceremonies (recommending the Commander to be infertile). Serena instructs Offred to sleep with Nick, their gardener and driver, in violation of all moral and ethical standards. In exchange for Offred helping her, Serena offers to send her a photo of her daughter. The Commander brings Offred to Jezebels the following evening, a club where Commanders can have prostitution-related affairs. While they were both in the Red Center together, her companion Moira attempted to flee Gilead. She is discovered there. Offred needs to pretend to love the Commander and Offred’s shared sleeping arrangements while they are there.

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