The invisible life of Addie larue Pdf Download by V.E Schwab

This is an American Nobel which tells about the life of Addie Larue, a wonderful woman from France. V E SCHWAB is the author of this novel. He took many risky steps to write this novel. When the author was writing this novel, he had to travel in the jungles as well. We will try to tell about this story in very short below so that you can understand the full meaning of the novel. 

According to Schwab, there was such a woman in France who was completely different from the rest of the women, she had invisible power.  The girl about whom the author has told, that girl was cursed to forget. That girl had many types of powers, but whoever met that girl or anyone knew about her powers, she used to do something that would weaken everyone’s memory and they would forget that she had done something. Have seen wonderful things. 

Name The invisible life of Addie larue
AuthorV.E Schwab
PublisherTor Books

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The invisible life of Addie larue by V.E Schwab pdf download

Addie Larue was a demonic woman who had the boon of being immortal. This thing dates back to the 18th century, when the author came to know about this incident, he thought of putting this thing in front of the world and then he started traveling for it. Taking great risk, the author took out all the details about the woman. The author discovers in his quest that this woman has been given the boon of being immortal in the form of a deal so that she could never die. The author had to take very risky steps to write it and when this novel was completely made, when this novel was liked by everyone and the author was honored by the big publishing body for this book. 

This is from 1714, when a woman lived in a small village in France, who was 23 years old. The name of the woman we are talking about is Addie LaRue. When Addie LaRue starts getting married, she is not happy with the marriage because she could see only sadness in the family in which she was going to get married.  She was going to marry a widower whose wife had died and had three children. Addie LaRue did not like that she should raise someone else’s children, so Addie LaRue leaves the house and runs towards the forest and goes to the forest to worship the old gods. 

The invisible life of Addie larue full book pdf download 

Addie LaRue now started living in the forest and started asking the same old gods as her guru. Addie LaRue used to pray to the gods so that her wish could be fulfilled. Pleased with his prayer, a stranger appears in front of him who has black hair and green eyes. The stranger gives her divine power by hurting the girl and fulfills her every wish. Now Addie LaRue had got divine power, now she was immortal, no one could kill her, but if Addie LaRue gave up on her life or got bored with her life, she could entrust her soul to the same stranger who had helped her. Now that stranger I had accepted that if Addie LaRue entrusted her soul to us as per her wish, we would set her free. After some time, Addie LaRue learns that some such powers are working on her, due to which the memory of the person she meets used to weaken. All this was happening because getting divine power or getting the boon of being immortal is not a common phenomenon. When Addie LaRue writes something down and puts it somewhere, that written thing disappears, all this was being done to keep Addie LaRue’s magical powers a secret. Addie LaRue was given the boon of being immortal so that she could not die, but there were many incidents in her life, she could feel the pain of them all.

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