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Who doesn’t miss their childhood?? The Time when we were less practical and life was less harsh on us. There is a novel as “The Little Prince” by Antoine Saint-Exupery” to arouse the child in us. An Illustration filled fairy tale, that mocks the egotistical and power-hungry character of adults who lack imagination and feeling and see things through a limited, materialistic lens, in contrast to youngsters who perceive with their hearts rather than their eyes.

The story begins in the Sahara Desert, with the narrator, a pilot, crashing. Aware that he has a limited quantity of water, he attempts to repair his engine. He hears a little voice telling him to sketch a sheep as he starts to work on the engine. The narrator goes around to meet the young prince, and after many tries at drawing the sheep, he decides on sketching a box—he informs the little prince that the box holds a sheep, and the little prince is overjoyed, much to the surprise of the pilot.

The pilot proceeds to discover more about the tiny prince, learning that he is from the B-612 asteroid. He eventually learns more facts about the young prince’s world, such as the information that baobab trees are a big threat and that the tiny prince’s love interest is a rose. However, this rose is conceited and lies, making the tiny prince miserable. He realizes he cannot trust her and departs from his world anymore.

The small prince first meets a monarch who claims to be the ruler of all things, even the stars. However, because he lacks subjects to lead on his own planet, the little prince becomes bored and goes. The tiny prince’s second encounter is with a pretentious guy who craves attention and adulation. The third is a drinker who claims he drinks to forget he is guilty of drinking. The fourth adult is an entrepreneur counting stars in order to own them.

Name The Little Prince
AuthorAntoine de Saint-Exupery
PublisherClarion Books

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The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery Pdf Download

The tiny prince finds all of the grownups unusual at this point, so he travels on to the world of the lamplighter, who sets a lamp on his planet whenever night falls and turns it off when the sun rises. The lamplighter, the tiny prince believes, is the least absurd of all the grownups since he is thinking about besides himself.

The snake talks in riddles, implying that he possesses a potent poison capable of transporting the small prince home. However, the tiny prince continues his journey on Earth, finally encountering a bed of roses on asteroid B-612 that are all similar to his own rose, leading him to doubt his own rose’s claim to be unique.

He then encounters a fox, who teaches the young prince how to tame—or form bonds with—another. Even though she appears to be similar to all the other roses on Earth, the tiny prince discovers that his rose has domesticated him, making her unique in the cosmos.

Before returning to the Sahara, the tiny prince encounters a merchant and a railway switchman. The pilot and the prince are both thirsty towards the conclusion of the story, so they decide to go for a stroll to find some water. Around dawn, they find a well and enjoy the drink and their time together.

The Little Prince Full Book Pdf Download by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The small prince says that the following day marks the one-year anniversary of his arrival on the planet. He dispatches the pilot to repair his jet and instructs him to meet him at the same location the next evening. The pilot repairs his engine and retreats the next evening to discover the tiny prince talking to the venomous snake. The pilot is warned by the tiny prince that he should return to his world, which will “appear as if I were dying.” Allowing the snake to kill him, the tiny prince sinks gently to the beach. The fact that the tiny prince’s body has vanished the next day reassures the narrator, who feels it implies he has returned to asteroid B-612. However, he is concerned about the prince’s rose being eaten by the sheep he drew.

Children’s open-mindedness is embodied by the young prince. He’s a restless inquirer who’s prepared to confront the universe’s unseen, hidden secrets. Because it focuses on youth, imagination, and the certainty of growing up, “The Little Prince” is a timeless tale. In this scenario, the pilot loses contact with his inner self. Finding it again requires an aircraft accident, a sojourn in the desert, and spending time with the young prince. The Little Prince emphasises that the duties imposed by interpersonal interactions lead to a deeper awareness and respect of one’s own duties to the world as a whole.

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