The Love Hypothesis Pdf Download by Ali Hazelwood

A phony dating cliche never ends with the two characters falling in love. Right? Well, Ali Hazelwood’s “The Love Hypothesis” gives the typical phony dating narrative a new twist. This is the author’s first book, based on Hazelwood’s Star Wars fanfiction. The Love Hypothesis was published in September 2021 and became an instant New York Times bestseller.  Olive Smith chats to a guy in the restroom following her Ph.D. candidate interview three years previously, when she’s changing her contacts (and can’t see). She discusses her enthusiasm for her studies with him. She doesn’t remember his name, but she recalls the talk vividly and is intrigued by the man she met. 

Olive is now a Ph.D. student studying pancreatic cancer early detection approaches. She kisses a random guy to make her best friend think she’s seeing someone (so Anh won’t feel terrible for dating Olive’s ex). Dr. Adam Carlson, an attractive, young, and well-respected senior faculty member in their department, turns out to be that person. He’s also renowned for being grumpy and overly critical. 

Adam’s department chair is concerned that he will transfer to another institution and has put some of his research money on hold. So, to create the idea that he’s laying down “roots” here, Adam agrees to act to be in a relation to Olive. Olive and Adam get to know one another during a fictitious date. Adam is strict and forthright with his pupils, but not cruel or harsh, according to Olive. Olive confesses to him about her mother’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, the reason she’s researching it. Olive recognizes she has emotions for Adam soon after, but she is scared to tell him. 

Name The Love Hypothesis
AuthorAli Hazelwood

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download

Olive requires extra lab space and has approached Dr. Tom Benton at Harvard for a position in his lab. When Tom first comes into town, he discovers that he and Adam are buddies. Adam and Tom are grad school pals who have recently received a significant grant for joint work that Adam is pleased about. Tom offers Olive a position in his lab for the following year when she accomplishes a report on her study. 

Olive and Adam’s romance develops until they travel to Boston for a science conference. Adam is a featured speaker, and Olive’s study has been chosen for a panel discussion. Tom makes sexual moves on Olive there, and she gets sexually harassed. He accuses her of sleeping around to get ahead when she rejects him. Olive does sleep with Adam during the conference, but she breaks up with him soon after because she doesn’t wish to hamper Adam’s collaborative research endeavor with Tom. Adam is also applying to Harvard University. 

Olive is confident that no one will believe her when she reveals that she accidentally taped the discussion in which he made advances and blackmailed her. He believes Adam is pondering relocation to Harvard because Olive is expected to attend. Olive tracks down Adam and plays the footage for him. He is furious with Tom and informs their teachers. Tom has been sacked; Adam says when he returns from Boston. 

Olive declares her love for Adam and claims that she has never liked anybody else. Adam reveals that he remembers her since the day he encountered her in the restroom and that she’s the woman he’s been eager about over for years. Adam and Olive create their first kiss ten months later to commemorate their wedding anniversary. 

The novel strikes the ideal blend between real-life critique and rom-com on female academics. By placing Adam and Olive in different departments, Hazelwood manages to avoid many of the problematic power dynamics of a student-faculty romance, but the drive for their fictitious connection has far bigger implications for Adam. Olive does gain from dating a faculty member, but she is still the one who appears to be chastised or mocked by her peers in the end; readers may have hoped for a more subversive twist. There are a lot of glitzes and glam in this novel. Many romcoms get the romance, but The Love Hypothesis also nails the comic. Olive’s speech is clever and sarcastic, and she had me laughing from start to finish. 

The Love Hypothesis Full Book Pdf Download by Ali Hazelwood

Though the novel is about women in stem, Adam’s character is adorable too. Adam is well-known on campus for being the asshole lecturer that makes every grad student crap in their pants. When it comes to research, he is really tough and will call his students out on their nonsense if they are not up to par. Olive, on the other hand, is a gentle and innocent kitten. He has so much faith in her. Adam always supports and compliments Olive on her outstanding job. 

The book shows friendship too. Malcolm and Olive were great friends. Even though he didn’t like Adam, Malcolm was quite supportive of Olive’s feelings for him. He provided Olive with some sound dating advice. The bond between Adam and Holden was touching. How Holden attempts to embarrass Adam and Adam pretends to be irritated and accept him despite their great bromance. Most importantly, Holden has Adam’s back. The novel is noteworthy in that it belongs to the “New Adult” genre, a growing subgenre that focuses on characters aged 18 to 30.

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