The Magic Drum Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murty is returning youngsters to stories in this age of electronics. Murty has anthologized several folktales, so as, the tales retain their original beauty and enchantment. One such bright and easy-to-narrate collection of short stories for young minds is “The Magic Drums and other Favourite stories” . When Sudha Murty was a small girl, her grandparents told her a couple of these stories. The rest of the stories come from her international pals. These endearing and timeless folktales have long been her favorites, and she has told them to many young people throughout her life. Over 25 stories are included in the book. 

A princess who believes she is a bird, a shepherd with a bag of words, and a coconut worth a thousand rupees, are among the stories in this book. This collection of stories features paupers and princes, a potion that can turn to gold, monarchs and misers, wise adults and ignorant youths, and unusual and hilarious characters and women. A bright princess who would only marry a man who can answer a question she can’t answer, an orphan kid who outsmarts his greedy uncle with a sack full of ash, and an old couple in misery who are saved by a magic drum are just a few of the stories included in this book. 

‘The Supermen’ is about a group of slackers who brag about their superiority until they are admonished that nothing worthwhile is accomplished without effort. The roasted seed helps the childless monarch choose the most honest of all children I.e Pingala, a poor farmer’s son who was honest enough to bring an empty pot in ‘The Seed of Truth.’ The story ‘Haipant the Wise’ talks about the perils of assumptions. ‘The Nine Questions for a Princess’ is a story about a smart man defeating a smart princess. ‘The White Crow’ is a story about how communication may be misunderstood and why it’s preferable to keep one quiet. ‘The Very Expensive Coconut’ tells the story of a miser who attempts to save money by traveling further to get a cheaper coconut but instead pays a high price. ‘The Bottle of Dew’ is regarding a wise guy teaching a greedy man that the only way to wealth is to work hard.

Name The Magic Drum
AuthorSudha Murthy
PublisherPenguin Books Limited

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The Magic Drum by Sudha Murthy Pdf Download

‘Nakul’s First Lesson’ is about the mental presence (Nakul dealing with corrupt people in business) ‘Where did it go?’ is a charming tale about outwitting a cheater. ‘The Tired Horse’ is on how others’ opinions may lead us astray. The book ‘A Cure for Laziness’ spoke about staying healthy by performing one’s job. ‘The Magic Drum’ is about outsmarting a cheat once more. The Cunning Fruit depicts the boy’s naivety and the amusing scenario he finds himself in. Bhanuverma has never tasted jackfruit before. He received jackfruit from a family friend. He discovered that his entire body had turned sticky after eating it. To eliminate the stickiness, he used cotton. Cotton clung to his body, making him look woolly. Thieves mistook him for a sheep and stole him. Hearing his voice, left him in an open land fearing him to be a ghost. 

The Tastiest of All demonstrates how important food is in human life. The monarch asked four females the identical question about the tastiest food in the world. The first girl replied that beef was the tastiest food on the planet. The second female stated that booze was the most delicious. According to the third girl, love was the finest thing she had ever tasted. Hunger, according to the fourth and last female, is the tastiest object in life. The finest of feasts will be bland if your stomach is full, but on an empty stomach, even old food will taste like nectar. 

The Magic Drum Full Book Pdf Download by Sudha Murthy

The Wise King depicts the impact of a thoughtful leader on his followers. Veervara was an adventurous king and after his ship sank, he arrived at Manmathpura. On that island, it was usual to crown a shipwrecked individual asking. Veeravara improved the island’s condition by building roads, canals, and gardens. People started to adore him as if he were God. He established a democratic system for electing a representative for the people. The island was ruled by eligible locals. Veeravara lived with them till his death. 

Ramachandra and Rama are an elderly couple who were saving for a pilgrimage their entire lives. But things go wrong when the first lodge they stay at has all of their money taken, and they suspect the proprietor, Kamesh. Only the king’s advisor, Krishnakant, and his magic drum, according to the people, can help them obtain justice, and the villagers were correct. Sudha Murty’s characters are usually shrewd and intelligent (in a good way) and each of her short stories teaches a simple lesson delightfully and entertainingly.  Although not all of the stories are scholarly, the author’s use of characters to teach human emotions and imperfections to children is charming.

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